Getting a job using a VideoBlog (and a bit of humor too)

Amanda former star of Rocketboom (and who I still think is a star) has created an unique video blog suggesting she needs a job. She’s still got a sense of humor, and had some co-writing and help from Zefrank.

Here’s one of her commments in her blog –she writes just like she talks –interesting

Thanks for your support everyone! It keeps us going. Things are moving along now… and I’m busy making lemonade. The offers are just unbelievably overwhelming and keep rolling in, one more interesting and surprising than the next. I’ve narrowed things down considerably though and it’s now just a matter of “how” I will work rather than “who” I will work with. The “how” (clearly) is the most important thing to me. So Phase 1 of Unboomed is complete. 😉 Phase 2 is the “how”. Phase 3 will be the announcement. And then *poof* UnBoomed will disappear and will be replaced by something… different… in the meantime, ov lov

Cheers to Amanda and best wishes.