I’m a YouTuber –Visit my growing video library

Left: My video from Boston of street entertainers…

YouTube is growing –as well as the online video market
I mentioned that I was going to start exploring YouTube more, as it’s now actually peaking as it serves up 100 million videos a day. There’s news of it exploding in Japan, (Brian O, are you watching?). Apparently YouTube has a lot going for it as competitors are paying users to upload content —see eefoof.

“YouTube has come to hold the leading position in online video with 29 percent of the U.S. multimedia entertainment market” —says a recent Cnet article

What a business model, build a platform and let the world do the work. Smart move for the 30 employees in San Mateo.

My YouTube Video Library is growing
I’ve started to upload videos from interesting places, And Daniella responded to my video. Check out all my videos, or my homepage where you can subscribe to my video feed. Some of my videos I don’t publish to the world, I’ve created some personal messages to my cousin who moved to Japan for his bday. (see not all vids need to be public). I received my first comment on this video I uploaded of some street entertainers in Boston.

Why YouTube?
I want to have a strong understanding of many of the social media tools out there, it’s tough to keep up, but typically there are a few key indicators I watch for before I start getting into another social site –mass movement, and a few early adopter types.

A public persona
It’s amazing that I’m sharing more of my life with the public –I don’t find it scary, I’m pretty careful in what I show, most of the time, I’ll be sharing media of things that happen in public, and of places or interesting people I meet.

Observations of YouTube
I wish YouTube had a bit better management with Titles and Tags like flickr –I’m sure they will get there. Also, it compresses the files, they look ‘washed out’ and the quality has been reduced –I also would guess they would make it monophonic as well.

You’ve heard of Tivo right? how about Slingbox? (It pushes your TV shows to your PC), How about the other way? soon, I’ll be able to come home, plop down in my living room and watch streaming videos of my friends and families experiences in near or real time.