Recap on the Business Blogging Panel –Internet Marketing Strategies.

This was one of the better panels I participated on –lots of energy and audience interest.

Panel on Business Blogging
I was invited to speak on a panel about business blogging under the direction of David Berkowitz, distinguished writer, blogger, and Mets fan (read how things got out of hand the last time we all got together). He’s published an MP3 of the session –it’s a bit hard to hear but you’ll get the jist.

Shel the StoryTeller
I really had a great time passing the mic with Shel Israel, author of Naked Conversations –his endless wisdom and perspective on new forms of communications are thought provoking. Interesting to me that several individuals that I met at the conference knew his name, bud didn’t know the significance he has in within the blog business circuit –Or the connections he has within the blogosphere. I suspect he was also surprised by how many folks we’re interesting to know about him and business blogging. Shirley observed that he’s a great ‘story teller’ while I provide more tactical “how to’s”.

Business Blogging Discussions at Lunch –even before the session!
I wish you were there at lunch when we were at a table where one Web Manager from a Electrical manufacturing company. He expressed his frustration with colleague on his team that was ‘getting into blogging’. By the end of the lunch, Shel had him thinking, asking more, and wanting to get involved. I suggested that he could harness his passion –he has the characteristics of great blogger. I offered him my business card and suggested he could contact me anytime if he has any questions. I also suggested he take a look at
instructuables as an example of a social site that perhaps his company could harness or recreate.

Surrounded by experts
I was much pleased to share the panel with Christina Howe from Avid Technology (see feed page), who’s a blogging program in place. Also Cara Shockley from HP, eloquently answered the questions about the topics (I told her “Well Spoke!” at least two to three times after she finished with the mic)–she had all the right answers and crafted her responses both sensibly and with balanced perspective. Although HP is a competitor to my employer Hitachi in the Data Storage space –I’m respectfully impressed.

Business Blogging Resources
I was hearing the other panelists responding in a strategic manner, so half way through the panel, I switched to tactical answers –hoping to provide specific suggestions for people to take home and work on. Shirley noticed that folks would write down the suggestions, great that’s the goal! I’ve published a few other suggestions “Learn from my business blogging pains“, and also chronicled ‘How to be Corporate Blog Evangelist‘.

Pics and other posts
More pics of the Frost and Sullivan conference here, Frost and Sullivan’s Internet Marketing Strategies Recap and Observations from Geoff’s session.

(Written at 30,000 feet, somewhere over Mid America flying back to SFO)

Edit: Mediapost has written up about our discussions on Dell a nice little piece –thanks David