Could Techmeme Benefit from Search?

Robyn has recently fell in love with TechMeme, a conversation aggregator.

I relate to Techmeme as a representational/electoral democracy –some say it represents the majority, and some question if it represents the minority) she suggests that it could include a search feature, which help folks find archives of interesting and useful conversations from some of our most well known bloggers.

Why? because folks end up at Techmeme in google searches –it’s a valuable tool that can be better. Hmm maybe someone will create a tool that sits on top of Techmeme and searches for it, a filter for an conversation aggregator? oh my.

This is a good time to point out the virtues of Robyn, who’s been a partner with me the group for over 7 months. Aside from being a master of RSS blogging, she’s created professional blogging business programs, and maintains her own blog. Recently, she’s announced that she’s going freelance, so any folk out there that would want to contact her (she’s in the East coast but can work virtually) I’d recommend reaching out to her.