Amanda leaves Rocketboom

News if coming in from Dave Winer, Brem, Digital Podcast. Amanda said that Andrew is no longer interested in being her partner, since he owns 51% of the company. Yikes, that doesn’t sound good.

I was at vloggercon and saw them speak, Andrew was pretty much the front man for the conference, he did most of the speaking –I found that surprising.

Rumors surfaced that she was actually on vacation, however her own blog (I assume it’s her) she says she’s “unboomed”. Her video is a bit sad, although she ends it on a positive note (her usually quirky trait)

Thanks to Julio for the hot tip. We’re subscribed at home to Rocketboom and it’s uploaded to my video Ipod –not sure what we’ll do now, maybe unsubscribe?

Maybe Amanda should go to Podtech. Robert, are packing your boxes? get her!

Edit: It’s amazing that her wikipedia entry was updated within hours.