Web Strategy: “Viral Chicklets” applied to MySpace

Viral Chicklets –Flash, WOM, Syndicated, Bloggy, Clever.
My new friend Rick D. is one clever guy. He’s part web developer, part marketing, and 100% adaptable. He runs a ‘Skating Lifetyle’ website called Roller Warehouse -and has figured out how to delight his customers.

Rick writes to me:

“ I have been reading your Web Strategy site. Especially the articles about marketing and MySpace and your take on some of the challenges that business blogs face. I have come up with a pretty cool marketing strategy and I’d love to hear what you think…”

Thanks for the mail Rick (and everyone else that’s been sending me email) He’s given me permission to publish his story –and it’s a good one. Yeah, I’ve been talking about MySpace as users are organizing, and will soon enter the workforce. He’s figured out a way to deploy his good news about his content to the MySpace community, here’s what he did in two languages:

  • * Traditional Marketing Language: “The Senior Web Marketing Strategist has implemented a cost-effective, word-of-mouth dynamic syndicated content campaign utilizing deployment tactics for primary adoption of discount incentives aimed at the core audience within a lifestyle based social networking site.”
  • * Web Geek Speak”Rick made a Viral Chicklet, Word.”

Relevant Content is Effective
I learned at The Conference on Marketing that the MySpace crowd values those who deliver fresh information first –they are the most popular. He figured out how to deploy a widget that allows MySpace users to display relevent content to a specific audience.

Rick initially had some limitations as MySpace restricts the implementing of javascript or even iFrames in MySpace. Rick figured out how to create a flash application that could be embedded on MySpace homepages. It contains a mixture of product news and lifestyle information relevant to his target audience –skaters. The links go to blog posts that all link back to the main store. (Rick, consider adding more lifestyle information in addition to product advertisements: such as skate events, skate news, links to videos etc. Be the ‘first stop’ for skate lifestyle news.)

Incentive based program
By offering a 5% discount to anyone who displayed the chicklet, MySpace users were also drawn to the discount lead –of course this will also tie advocates to purchasing products from Roller Warehouse, wouldn’t you want to buy from a retailer you promote?

Web Tactics and Strategies
Rick’s deployed a few web tactics that make this work. First of all, he’s recognized that the future of the web is that content becomes what I say is ‘Amorphous’ and ‘Ubiquitous’. He’s also figured out how to tap into his market to promote his own content in a word of mouth method –users post his chicklet up for a discount. This in turn spreads his message within a self selecting market –and has the potential to yield amazing results.

Rick writes to me:

“I estimate about 300-400 kids have it placed now and I think it’s growing by 30-40 a day. It’s been running for about 9 days now.” (since April 4th)

That’s good news Rick! If you want to contact Rick, send me an email, and I’ll connect you with him. I half kidding told him to start a software company, and then to hire me to do Marketing and PR part time –wow that would be fun. Rick, check back with us in a few weeks, I want to know the real results of the test –did you get an increase in sales? If so, how much? Below is the “Viral Chicklet”, it was an easy copy/paste –best of all, I get 5% off my next pair of skates!

Note: This post was originally written on April 7th 2006 –I’m copying certain posts (that offer interesting or unique Web Strategies) from my previous blog to this new one.