Web Strategy: Fast Website Development for the Emerging Business

Request for Web Development: for Home Business
Tony, an old colleague contacted me yesterday to ask if I could recommend any web designers or developers for an up and coming small business of hand crafted accessories for infants. He’s seeking to get a website up to market, showcase products, and provide an active shopping cart to sell the product.

Harness existing social network tools
I recommended that he consider using a blog (blogger is an easy and free to tool to use, wordpress a bit more features) to write about the painstaking care that goes into each one of the products he’s crafted. I know that this style of passion marketing has worked well for the English Cut (A high end tailor in London) as well as Stormhoek wines that only uses blogs to market their products.

With more and more consumers being online and using the web to make purchase decisions this could be the right medium and tool. Perhaps rather than creating a typical static website, create a two way dialogue with frequently updated content using a blog. Discuss the plans, process, materials, and care that goes into making each product –show how it can be used, take digital pictures and label.

Harness existing marketplaces: Ebay, Forums, Craigslist
As for the shopping cart engine –tie it into ebay, there’s an existing network of buyers –a trusted buying system (paypal) and free search engine marketing with credible buyers. In fact, ebay has recently announced it will start to incorporate blogs and wikis into it’s user-to-user marketing arsenal –this is part of the future of online marketing. Consider tapping into craigslists and other forums and communities that the product may make a good fit in.

As the business grows, the shop owner can expand to a more sophisticated website that could have additional features about the store, it’s creators. Just my recommendation for a quick fast start for nearly no money. Here’s some additional blog resources I’ve gathered.