Exodus Alumni Party –Palo Alto, June, 2006

A dinner at Hukilau was held for the Exodus Communications Alumni. I’m sorta hesitant to write about Exodus, the last time I wrote about it “I Remember Exodus“, I got hate mail from bitter ex-employees, and angry former investors that lost their shirts. (Among positive comments as well) Listen, I didn’t do this alone, so don’t fully blame me –go leave your comments on Wikipedia’s entry on Exodus.

Thanks to:
The party was sponsored by Tim Reynders, Gil Gallardo, and Vlad Milutin –the Evite reads:

“Vlad had even recruited a staff of helpers when Gil Gallardo and Tim Reynders volunteered to sponsor the event through their real estate group, Protelo Group Realty. And since they happened to also have a restaurant we could use, they volunteered that too!”

I think most will recognize and thanks Dave Asprey, noted community leader, and Yahoo Groups moderator who organized the event.

The majority of the attendees were folks from sales –I’d say about 70%. Where were all the IT, Engineering Folks, (meh, too anti-social I guess) I left around 8:30pm, being a newlywed of 9 mos means you don’t stay out too late –I don’t want to run the risk of banishment to the couch.

Run down of what happened:
A lot of great people showed up: 11/15 of our CEOs showed up, Alex wins the prize for best dressed male model, Christine and Susan talk about old times, Deepak wins the prize for flying in the farthest from New Jersey for the party (he also was singing show tunes for this table), Duncan gives a big smile, Juan quit Exodus to join the NSA, Dave Asprey grew a beard while on “Survivor”, Yaneth and Friend still look fit, after grabbing food, Brian has been there for six years too long, folks headed out to the patio to smoke a bong eat some food,

Jose stands next to Patrick (who creeps in the shadows), Roni gives a pleasant smile from the mosh pit, drinks were flowing at the bar, Tony has been working out (while I gained weight), Craig got a tan, A deal is struck in the corner, Chuck sported an Exodus Survivor shirt, and waved around a pirate flag, and there was plent of food and drink demonstrates Frieda.

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You can check out my photos on flickr (you can leave comments) or see all public photos tagged “ExodusAlumni” on Flickr. (Use that tag if you’re uploading photos). In any case –had a great time, thanks for the organizers and good to see old friends.

Welcome to my new blog by the way –today’s the public premiere. Ill be building out other web sections to help you and other readers develop web strategies for their company –continue to come back while I make this transition. You can visit my last blog (which is rated in the 7k range out of a few million blogs is here)