Your Feedback Requested on This Beta Blog

Welcome to the Private Beta!
This means you’re someone I trust and you’ve an opinion I respect and listen to!

I’ve decided to get some serious tools for my blogging passion –and I’ll be building out some other features on other webpages (wiki, multimedia, and other subsites), as well as obtaining a domain name that’s easy to swallow.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this new blog and template –How do you like it?

1. Look and Feel
2. User Interface
3. features
4. Information organization
5. Any other feedback.

Leave a comment below with your honest feedback! This post will self-destruct after formal launch. (Actually, this post may stay live –it’s an interesting demonstration of audience feedback.)

I’m keeping track of the changes I’m making based upon user feedback
I won’t do all the changes, but will do best to include where makes sense

To Do List:

1. Added Profile, Contact, and Feed up top (done)
2. Moved Categories to bottom (done)
3. To do: Add picture (done)
4. Add Recent Posts (may not be a template option)
5. To do: add Feed Icon (done)
6. To do: remove ‘meta’ category’ (done)
7. To do: check out display issues in comments (done)
8. To do: Update banner (done)
9. To do: Move banner to server (done)
10. To do: redirect index page (done)
11. To do: Migrate some content from other blog (TBD) (done)
12. To do: Evaluate changing tag line to “dazzle nizzle“. (done)
13. Pre Launch: QA (done)
14. Pre Launch: Cut over Analytics (Andy has profile)
15. Pre Launch: Cut over Feedburner (done)
16. Pre Launch: Inform other site readers of cutover (done)
17. Register Technorati (done)
18. Upldate profile photo (done)
19. Metatags for SEO
20. Submit to Blog Indexes and Search Indexes, (done) Delicious.