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Want waves? drop a pebble


Media is getting smaller, faster, and more connected, I’m seeing this through the adoption of MicroMedia, niche communities, and intimate conversations with smaller groups of folks. Savvy communicators will realize that using the small “pebble” will cause a ripple effect out to other networks. The less savvy will come with the fleet, causing disruptive waves. […]

Collaborative Economy Adoption is Going to Double


Respondents in the largest study in the new peer-to-peer economy reported that they plan to double usage in next 12 months. Brands must develop a strategy in this new market and avoid being bypassed from peer-to-peer economic models. Above Graphic: Dark colored bars indicate adoption in last 12 months, light colored bars indicate adoption in […]

Why Do Big Companies Crowdfund?


Above image: Intertwined strands bonded together share the same shared fate of pulling a heavy load. “Why Do Big Companies Crowdfund?” ┬áSuprinsingly, it’s often not about the money. That was the very question that was asked at Crowd Conference hosted in San Francisco yesterday. I had some stage time, but also listened into the panel […]

The Press are Listening in on Twitter


Yesterday, I was contacted by a member of the press who was writing a story, she asked for elaboration on my 140 character tweet (the maximum number of characters that twitter allows per message). If you remember my pebble theory, you shouldn’t be surprised, I think blogging is moving towards surfing or even boating. Normally, […]

The many mediums of the Web Strategy Community (50 replies from one tweet)


I posted one Tweet on Twitter and recieved about 50 back in return. I now have a pretty good idea of how my network (my community, the web strategy community) communicates. From who? From the pebble people. What’s a pebble? They’re often first generation adopters. they are followed by swimmers, surfers and others. Most of […]