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  1. jeremiah

    i don’t think the word “sanction” is appropriate in the title of your latest blog post. maybe you mean something else?


  2. Jeremiah,
    I was reading your article about payperpost and I found everything you wrote interesting, I really don’t know much about blogging however I linked to you through an article at MSNBC.
    The reason I’m writing you is because I’ve always been interested in blogging but never really looked into it, I’m a single father with a son who is 12 and he has Severe Cerebral Palsy and is on a feeding tube. I’ve always wanted to write things about his life and the progress he’s made. I hope you have a good trip to N.Y and that your meeting with Ted and all the others go well for you.
    I admire you for the passion you have to inform and fill people with knowledge. Your pictures are cool but mine are just as cool because I’ve been to just about every Indian Reservation and Church to get my son healed.
    Anyhow I know your busy and I’m going to spend more time reviewing and going through your website.
    Your Lotus looks unusally cool.

    With Kind Regards

    Richard Sanchez

  3. Heh, I wish it was my lotus, but in reality, it’s my friends –I have the Acura TL which is a pure geek car.

    Where is this link you speak of from MSNBC?

  4. Jeremiah,

    We tried to reach you prior to SES, but couldn’t. Wanted to see if you’d be up for a podtech chat with Compete. Did you see the new search product at SES? That’s just the tip and I think you and Stephen DiMarco could chat for a while? Will you be in Beantown soon?


  5. JO, Congrats on the new gig at Forrester! We should catch up. I saw you walking across the street at SES and gave you a shout from a passing car. That may clear up a mystery or two for you since I don’t think you saw me. Anyhow… congrats 😉


  6. Hi,
    I need your help. Our company is samll firm with 25 designer who are working and done so many project on Web desing using PHP, Mysql.

    How can i get some projects from clients or from third party. Please help me on that

    Thank you

  7. Hello Jeremiah!
    My name is Nathan Lipson and I am the Director of Strategy and Editorial Development of TheMarker sites of Israel.
    I wanted to ask your permission to translate your post “How Blogs can help a Corporation” ( and use it on both our print newspaper and site.
    As you may remember, in June you already gave us permission to translate a post (
    May we?
    Nathan Lipson

  8. I have been searching and searching for a podcast distribution system [not RSS] for my PAID subscription for my podcasts. I need to be able to DISCONTINUE the feed/distribution to the customer if they do NOT renew their subscription.

    Any leads would be most highly appreciated.

    Steve D.

  9. Hi Jeremiah,

    I followed a Venturebeat article on you to your “Twitter based marketing” article. I am the founder of, its a map based site that has a couple of features, the relevant one in this context being the ability for users to post short messages on the map. The site is in beta launch and we are building a RSS feed-like subscription for messages on the map. Basically, users will be able to subscribe to messages posted in the region of their choice on the map (1 or more regions). Other users will be able to read the “talk on the ground” by just panning the map to the desired location.

    Can you give your take on this please? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards,
    My SpotMe URL:

  10. Hi Jeremiah:

    I’m writing a white paper about social media and internal corporate communications.

    I’m looking for case studies and would like to interview you, a client or both.

    If you’re interested, email me back.


  11. Hi Jeremiah,

    I didn’t see your email address, so I started out by friending you on Facebook but realized this is probably just as good.

    I thought you might be interested in a white paper we just released by my business partner Steve Outing.

    We believe this will be a very useful document for a lot of people. It’s not a thinly veiled product brochure. Rather, Steve put a lot of thought and effort into creating something companies can use whether they work with us or not. (Steve has been researching and writing about online issues for over 10 years.)

    The Enthusiast Group kinda sorta falls into the category of white label social networks that you wrote about a while back, except that we’ve built ours on top of Drupal and have no pretensions to building a proprietary platform. We think the technology plays a secondary role to coming up with good ideas that drive consumer engagement. Buddy lists and blogs only get you so far. Which is to say, not very.

    Anyway, feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions. Thanks!

  12. Hi Jeremiah,

    Are you visiting our office on Friday Sept 20 at noon time? Please email me and here’s our office location

    Unit 323, InnoCentre,
    72 Tat Chee Rd, Kowloon Tong,
    Hong Kong,+kowloon+Tong,+hong+kong&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=46.409192,82.265625&ie=UTF8&z=17&iwloc=addr&om=1


    JiJiJa – Match ME!
    We develop “Match Engine” that delivers targeted content to your
    customers through understanding user behavior in a non-intrusive
    A Hong Kong Science Park Company

  13. Hello,

    My name is Jay with Panthera Interactive. Panthera is an online marketing company based in Las Vegas, NV that specializes in performance-based advertising. The reason for my inquiry is I’m interested in talking with someone from your company about a potential Business Development opportunity. At Panthera, we have many clients that are looking to reach the “Social Networking” communities and when I came across your website I thought there would be a good fit. This could be a great opportunity for you to be able to monetize on your website traffic/membership. Please have someone contact me at their earliest convenience so we can discuss.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to the possibility of working with you. If you are interested in signing up right away and seeing all the available campaigns, below is a link for your convenience.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Jay Thompson
    Manager of Publisher Recruitment
    Panthera Interactive, LLC
    Tel: 702.202.4740
    Fax: 760.295.9765

  14. I read your 8/16/07 post about time saving techniques and from that I have a quick question for you: my ‘reservoir of drafts’ is building up as I get new ideas and work on various subjects for my blog and as I began to see the growing list of drafts, I remembered your post where you said you have at least 150 drafts!

    I am getting overwhelmed (organizationally) with just 10-15 drafts! I’m use the standard-issue WordPress admin control panel for my site, so my drafts just show up as a list at the top of my “Write” page, which gets rather inconvenient. So I was wondering if you manage your blog from a web-based interface or via desktop software that makes it easier to index drafts?
    Thanks! As an aside, your blog has made my online activities far more productive and effective, so thanks for that too!!

    -Andrew C.

  15. Hi Jeremiah,

    Can you please add a favorites icon for your website. I’m subscribing to your rss-feed and my reader marks the articles I’ve clicked on with that icon.

    Best regards,

  16. Jeremiah –

    As the web-strategist, and the changing world you live in, can you comment/blog on the concept of the Social Graph? Specifically, I’d like to know about your issues – positive and negative – that this concepts invokes in the media world where you work/play.


  17. I was reading MSNBC’s article “Facebook’s pursuit of ‘fan-sumers'”, in which you stated that the new advertising attempts on Facebook are “an opportunity to make marketing better” “Since trust is strongest between friends and acquaintances…advertisers should be excited about the opportunity to insert themselves into conversations on Facebook”.

    as someone who is a strong opponent of aggressive advertising and a supporter of word-of-mouth, i need to point out that what’s missing here is that word-of-mouth is trusted because its an expression of voluntary information for support of a product that stands out from the rest. if we are impressed enough to tell out friends, we are saying that we support this product/brand because it exceeded our expectations compared to what else was out there. Facebook’s new Beacon advertising is not the same and is a blatant attempt to hide within this trusted form of personal advertising. Beacon is not a show of support, it is only showing others what has been bought. the product has not been experienced yet, and therefore, it is not word-of-mouth, in which people share and EXPERIENCE. this new tactic is not a positive step and is, in fact, more aggressive selling on the part of the companies who have signed up. this is a false sense of ‘trust’ being created simply because one friend decided to buy a product. i will be boycotting those companies and, while i am already selective of the information i share on Facebook (i.e. no interests are ever listed on my profile), i will be even more selective of my use of Facebook.

  18. HI,Jeremiah,
    I am in China,and i am glad to know more information about social media from you.

  19. Hey Jeremiah, I just started got hip to your blog & it is awesome, thank you for the information, it is extremely helpful. I am a entrepreneur and I would like to know about web strategies for small businesses. Can small businesses build their marketing efforts around these new principles (conversation/Open) from the beginning. – Enoch

  20. Hey Jeremiah,

    It’s been a while since we spoke. I wanted to once again give you the opportunity to look into Pinger as a platform for social networking. Since you can create groups with Pinger it would be simple to see this service as a place for groups to pass information back and forth with one another mobile to mobile. I would be curious to hear your thoughts on the service. Check it out at or just try it yourself by dialing 858 2PINGER, hey it’s free. Hope to hear back from you.


  21. Hi J:

    I’ve been following your work for a while – great stuff all around.

    I am doing research on ‘Facebook in the Enterprise’. I have seen a lot of ‘experiments’ out there (from Serena to WorkLight) and I have the basic picture.

    What I am missing is the ‘Widget’ piece; Do you have any examples of the ‘Facebook Apps’ that are facilitating social networking in the business (..and beyond, of course).

    The ‘Out of the box’ Facebook app does not do much for the requirements of the business.. Even the Groups/Nets are pretty simplistic. The ‘Apps’ are where this is really going to happen..

    Interested in your thoughts. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks – MikeB

  22. Jeremiah

    Your identification of Elgg as maybe not a white label is wrong – it is a white label, open source and avialble for download and modification see
    the primary site – I am using it extensively at the university, as are many others – see for a list of over 40 elgg powered white label social network sites (elgg uniquely combines social networking with collaboration and eportfolio)

  23. Hi Jeremiah,

    I work for Swirl, an ad agency. I think your blog might be a great fit for some of our clients… Do you have a media kit you can send me.

    Thanks so much,


  24. Hi Jeremiah,

    more a quick tech check than a comment: i really enjoy reading your daily posts (some great insights that are helping me in the struggle to pull Australian businesses and agencies into the social conversation era. Thanks!), but haven’t received any for a few days now. Just wanted to make sure that you are indeed still posting and the problem is at this end.

    Thanks for you time and keep up the great work.

    Oh and by the way, any chance of you making a trip to Australia in the near future?



  25. Hi Jeremiah, I’ve been thinking about writing a piece on social diversity on social networks and have been poking around trying to look for numbers to support what I may think might be the case. Thus I’m re-thinking what the basis for the piece should be. Just as diversity is shifting more towards a latino based minority and the african american base is shrinking, I imagine that the numbers are skewed that way in social networking. Your thoughts?


  26. I am contacting you through this contact form as there was no email address available. We would be interested in purchasing advertising on your blog . Please get back to me using the email address I have entered if you would be interested in discussing this further(

  27. Thank you for doing this digest. There’s much interesting info there.

    There’s one offer. It would be great to add news on Social networking software. It’s also one of the most Hot questions for those interested in Social networking theme.


    Julia Shuvalova,

    Marketing manager

    P: 1-866-282-1029 (toll free)

  28. Jeremiah,
    I have been a long time admirer of your blog and thought pieces, such as this most recent one. I wondered if you would have the time to speak before my Stanford Continuing Studies course of applications of new social media in business. The night I am looking at is July 1,2008 . I wasn’t sure how to reach you, so thought a blog comment might work best. Thank you. Robin D. Stavisky

  29. Jeremiah, 2008 is either been a rough year for you already, or you have decided to ignore the 14 people that have tried reaching out to you. Just Kidding…nevertheless, You have some interesting insight, but….are you sacrificing your blog readers and their comments or questions, in favor of your tweets? and theirs?


  30. Hi Jeremiah-

    I caught your article on Mini-clip and Club Penguin and was doing some research on both companies and was wondering if you knew yourself or if you knew how I could get the traffic numbers Club Penguin receives specifically via their real estate on Mini-Clip and what their conversion rate is from those unique visitors?

    Enjoyed the article! Thx.


  31. I think this obsession with technographics is based on a faulty premise. It focuses on current adoption behavior and subject to continuous change as things evolve. What happens when things are fully adopted by the general population. Instead I believe it is much more to focus on the actual activities and let the demo or techno “graphics” trail the content. This whole approach seems self-serving to Forrester and not predicated on the solution. Comments?

  32. Bill

    I welcome your thoughts on this. Yes, social media will eventually become mainstream, but for now it’s not.

    You suggest that we focus on “actual activities” yet that’s exactly what Technographics is.

    For example, Technographics describes how people use each social technology, a ‘creator’ is someone who publishes a blog or uploads content to YouTube. How is that different than what you prescribe?

    Lastly, this is no lock in model, some people are creating their own technographics surveys and launching them to their customer base to understand their customers. All without our aid.

    Thanks bill, I’m listening, and look forward to hearing more from you.

  33. i am right now trying to realize a campaign which i envision for starbucks and visa which is very similar to the RED campaign of the GAP (infact i have cited this campaign in my literature).

    It is a campaign that would do exactly what is stated in this video: it would make people feel better about this company.

    consumers have left starbucks and we now see Schultz going hands on to reverse this trend. The new starbucks has emphasised the “art” of coffee with posters and factoids, but the truth of the matter is this is not the problem facing starbucks; people have left starbucks because they do not feel good about the company.

    what I envision with this campaign is a feel good factor that will exceed RED. Inspired was a campaign that took a while to educate the public about. “My starbucks Idea” is relatively cheap, it is already understood by the consumers and it is timely.

    What i envision is a Starbucks/Visa/UNICEF card that pays “pionts rewards” customers rack up, to countries in crisis right now due to the global food crisis (like ethiopia, which unicef says will lose 127,000 children in the next 30 days due to rising rice prices).

    It is a stronger campaing than RED because the public already knows UNICEF, the food crisis is in the news right now, and the card remains with the customer (unlike the RED campaign which leaves the identity on the product)…

    I have started a facebook campaign to gain signatures to send to starbucks/visa/UNICEF, but I am a rookie. if u think this is a good idea, please help,
    the facebook group is called moral majority…

  34. Jeremiah, I couldn’t DM you on Twitter, but I wanted to respond to you – we are working on a few projects involving white label social networks, CRM, and CMS integration.

  35. Hey i found your site in a search for web law … I read a few of your articles and was wondering if you could post an opnion tell me what you think of a situation i have ongoing with a local web design company here in New Orleans / Ex-Employer …

    They are infringing on my trademark .. i made a post on my blog all about it .. when ya get a chance tell me what ya think. THere are actually 2 relevant posts both tagged compucast on my blog


  36. Hello

    I read your Blog “Web Strategy: How to use Live Interactive Video Streaming for your Web Experience, Events, and Crises “. We are having a Event on Stage and are planning to Stream it live on our website.

    I would appreciate if you could give us some feedback on doing it on our website. How expensive would this be.

  37. Hi Jeremiah,

    We created a wonderful Chinese language-learning website, and have not been able to expose it to hardly anyone. Google and Yahoo gave us horrible search engine listings for one thing. I landed the San Francisco Food Bank and the Vancouver Food Bank to do fund-raisers for them, but even the TV stations have not responded.

    If you want a partnership with us to market this, let us know.


    (I wonder if you’ll respond???)

  38. Jeremiah,
    I’ve been a regular on your blog and twitter for some time now. Both of them have been great resources for me.

    In case you ever take it up, i’d be interested in knowing your thoughts around how services companies (SIs in particular) use social computing for a) their own internal use and b) for their customers i.e., do they eat their own dog food :)?

    In any case, keep it up. I learn something daily from you.


  39. What is SI? Most of what I write about is independent of services vs product, so you can simply do a mental translation.

    I myself have worked at two service companies in a row now.

  40. Hi,

    We have 600,000 email addresses of wealthy people across the USA and over 100 million others for sale not rent

    SMA Communications, LLC. is an accomplished online marketing firm. On the Political side we house all the United States Voter files with appended emails & phones, US Veterans by Branch of Service, Active Military, Hispanics by Congressional District & all Donor data compiled from State records. This data is purchased on a regular basis by the largest Political agencies in DC & Advocacy groups.

    The other side of the business is bulk Internet data, appends and specialty lists. We receive between ten & thirty million fresh Internet opt-in records each month from 33,000 plus websites. This data is sold to the large email/CPA/CPL houses. We maintain specialty files such as the US Celebrity list of all actors/actresses/athletes with their home address, NASCAR enthusiasts, International email lists, RV owners, Diabetics, Investors, Day traders, Students, Teachers, Time share owners, Travelers, Smokers, Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, HR execs, Accountants, Real Estate agents, Insurance agents, Students, etc.

    In addition we maintain a 25 million record Business postal/email database with Individuals by title and company & a 200+ million record file of individuals & their date of birth.

    Kind regards,

    Mike Feeney


    Account Executive

    SMA Communications LLC

    1040 Bayview Drive Suite 114

    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

    Phone: 954.566.2510 Ext 109

    Fax: 954.564.8309

    Cell: 954.588.4273


  41. The idea of an emotional trademark or social presence has intrigued me for a long time. I am an online educator who noticed early in the game the importance of social presence-not just in taking up time and space, but in portraying an emotional image.

    People like to summarize the complexity of ideas and unknowns in an image or feeling. This “logo” has staying power whether it is accurate or not. Now that we are entering a new phase of life and a new business I am pondering how to take a dull product stereotype and tweak it to a socially acceptable activity. The blog seemed a natural.

    My concern is that if I use the “how to get noticed” thinking strategy I will miss the service angle. I mean there is a difference between being a well known product and a well known service. All one needs to do is look at the years of mission statements to see the issue. The mission statement tries to get people to address their service. “Giving is better than receiving” or in other words I think “serving is better than being noticed.”

    Perhaps this is just the novice business person speaking, but I am an old, experienced person. I think an attitude of serving-like your ideas of being interesting-are more important than being noticed-like word positioning. Thankfully, it isn’t an either or choice.

    Thank you for your service. Deana Molinari

  42. Hi everyone!

    I am doing the groundwork on a new internet project and was hoping that some of you might give me some feedback on the concept. I like to bounce new ideas off of a few people before I commit too many resources. I think that I have a good niche opportubtity here! I appreciate letting me know what your thoughts are.

    Concept in short: Local Party Locator

    As far as the concept goes, I envision a sophisticated bulletin board community, much like Craigslist. Unlike Evite, which places a high emphasis on aesthetic, this site would be focused on content generated and circulated by the users in the community. The site would be very specific in that it deals only with college or twenty-something parties & events in the area. I can see a site dedicated strictly to passing this info back & forth among registered users. The site would monetize itself down the road after building communities in each of the major cities. I guess to understand the money-making aspect you would need to imagine what kind of revenues Caigslist would realize if they were willing to place advertising on their sites. Granted, this concept is much narrower in focus than Craigslist, but the target demographic is prized among many companies seeking to reach this audience for their products. First task would to be to build the community in each city, the seco nd task to monetize the concept.

    There are many specific features that I have in mind; it is not merely a bulletin board as you might imagine it to be. First, the poster would need to register an account before placing info on the site. During this process he/she would develop their initial contact list which would include the contact’s name, e-mail address, social network and profile name. When another registered user browses the listings for their school or others in the area and they see a party that they did not receive an invite for, they can contact the poster and request an invite. The poster can ask for more info, pics, etc…from the person and then approve their request or deny it. If he approves it, he can add this person to his contact list for future parties and also send along a “guest list” to the browser which will include the profile names and social network affiliation of those that the poster personally invited. In this way , the browser can look at the profile pages on MySpace or Facebook, etc… to see who he/she may already be acquainted with. This person can also forward along the listing to his/her friends/contacts, further building the community.

    I believe that viral expansion loops (the new hot trend in Silicon Valley) as facilitated by the need to register before you can post or request info from a poster will help to grow the community at a very rapid pace. Once there is a community built in a few of the major markets the site should be able to generate interest from companies like Red Bull, FUBU, Rockstar Entertainment, etc… Let me know whast you think! thanks

  43. Jeremiah,

    Who is the contact for discussing advertising on your outgoing Twitter text messages/SMS’s?

    We are a (for profit) Wikipedia-type website that partners with local newspapers to sell text ads on some popular Twitter accounts. One of our newspaper partners follows your @jowyang Twitter account and wanted to know if you’d be open to adding a text ad to your outgoing Twitter messages. Our newspaper clients pay per user per message sent out (usually $0.10 to $1.25 per user per text message) and we handle the technical side of making this work.

    Tell me if you think it would be helpful to schedule a time to talk on the phone about this. We’ve set up a link that burns a feed for your Twitter text messages in case you’re interested:

    I’ll cc my assistant to set up a time to talk, if there’s interest.

    Alex Rawlings
    Twitter/Text Message Account Director
    Motto: “Everything Local”
    Tel. +1(202) 470-0961

  44. Hi Jeremiah

    I am the editor of Communicate magazine, a UK-based magazine for corporate communicators. I am writing a piece on brandjacking – would I be able to interview you over the phone for my story?

    Best wishes
    Ali Cain

  45. Hi Jeremiah,

    I’ve developed a weekly series of tv quality on the web that started with the San Francisco Fire Department at, check out the West Coast.

    We have delivered 46 webisodes in 56 weeks.

    We are now filming in Washington D.C. in HD, check out the East Coast.

    I am in hopes of becoming a speaker to guide others to do what I have done; follow their dreams.

    I thought you may enjoy what we have done.

    Be safe.


  46. Hi Jeremiah,

    At infuz we do a lot of work in the social media space for many of our clients. We just launched an social experiment of sorts:, monitoring conversations about the election via twitter. I thought you might like to check it out.

  47. hello,
    I’m French and I want to create a professional social network, so can you give me a board to select the technology? preferably free.
    I thank you

  48. Jeremiah

    I’ve been experimenting with a social app called Dolphin by Boonex ( They offer an open source community software. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about their product? It seems fairly straight forward when I use it but it also has a fair number of bugs. Should I use this product or look for another?


  49. Hey Jeremiah

    Just recently found your blog and it’s proving to be an excellent resource. My question seems to be a common one: which white label social network suits me best.

    Or maybe a better way to phrase that is: “As a relatve newbie when it comes to this sort of stuff, how do i go about choosing the WLSN that suts my needs best. What are the questions i should be asking and the factors i should be looking at?”

    looking forward to your response and maybe

  50. Jeremiah,

    I found your name on “Directory of Learning Professionals on Twitter” and wanted to reach out to you. I visited your Twitter page and read through the blogs.

    My name is Gomathi and I am the Market Development Manager for Englishcafe. We are currently in beta and could use some feedback on the site. Will you help us out by giving us a quick peek or tweet? In the very near future we will be launching a program where Tutors can make money on our site as well. I may circle back to you when that launches.

    Can we touch base soon?

    Gomathi Shankar
    Market Development Manager

    Englishcafe is the premier English learning community for global professionals.

  51. Hi,

    I am a post graduate in Economics specialized in Econometrics. I am searching for the job in the field of Analytics. Can you suggest me what sort of magazines to follow to know the basic analytics procedures followed in a company.

    I have a strong theoretical background but haven’t worked on any regression software package.

    Please give me some useful advice on what type of questions I might face in the interviews.

    Cell phone- 00919769075880

  52. Hello,

    I’m wondering if you have updated statistics on subsribers to active users on MySpace. I’m writing an article on social networks and media for American Journalism Review.


    arielle emmett
    member, American Society of Journalists & Authors

  53. I’m writing to you because of your expertise in the field of social computing. My company, Intrepid, has been conducting an international research project examining cultural trends revolving around technology. These insights will be used to help Microsoft’s Windows team discover the next needs and desires of PC users, more specifically, their PC and Web experience and how an operating system could support their wishes. The study has spanned the globe, uncovered disparity between age groups and various lifestyles through ethnographic and focus group research. We have a good grasp on what our research shows the consumer to want, but are looking to validate these findings and augment them with insights from an expert such as yourself. We would welcome your input, and hope that you will agree to share some of your thoughts with us!
    The interview would be for an hour over the phone, taking place sometime in the next 2 weeks according to your schedule. We will happily pay you $500 for your time. Please let us know if you’re interested.

  54. great job, congratulations your posts and twitts are always useful.

    i wanted to bother you with a quick question, do you suggest to use socialposter or social submitters? does this could be considered spam?

    i would really appreciate your opinion.

  55. I was just offered a job as a Digital Strategist in a K street agency here in D.C. I found the listing on social media jobs via your blog. Thanks!

  56. Hi Jeremiah,

    Have you ever published a ‘must read’ Social Computing list of books/white papers/blogs/reports?

    I’m researching Social Computing (Social Media) use in Government. Have you spent any time in this area?


  57. Jeremiah
    Random house has asked me to write the new edition of my first book Emotional Branding. I will be writing about blogs and social media but also about you as an “X” professional. Your life is all over the blogosphere but i’d like to have a chat for a few minutes if possible.
    Marc Gobe

  58. Love your blog. Of many I follow yours is one of the best. Most original and unique. Stoppin by to say thanks! Added you to my blog roll as well. Keep up the good work!

  59. An interesting view of the automotive industry. Where do you see the future of the industry, will it ever recover or will there be major casulties?

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