Colorado’s Technology Corridor, A Well Kept Secret

Above Video: Come join me on my “walk through” videos (see others) to meet Boulder’s tech community. I took the day off from work yesterday, and did some sight seeing of the Rockies (thanks to long term friend Kit who was one of the organizers of the Thin Air Summit) and had an opportunity to meet the large tech community at the “Tea House” in Boulder. I quickly learned that the tech scene is active, there’s many startups, events, and a VC community (including this incubator program called TechStars) that helps spur this eco system forward. What makes it attractive? The opportunity to be exposed to the great outdoors, the clean (yet expensive) Boulder area, great food, and healthy lifestyle. … Continue readingColorado’s Technology Corridor, A Well Kept Secret

Video: Shoutouts from the Dallas Tweetup

Every wanted to know who was behind those 140 characters? Now you can. this 2 minute video you can hear 50 people shout out their twitter handles at last night’s Dallas tweetup. What’s a Tweetup? A group of social media enthusiasts who want to connect and networks. Despite all the tools that are available to us to communicate digitally, there’s nothing like meeting in real life. I help the worlds largest brands develop community strategies, yet, sometimes it’s the simply things that really tell more of a story then anything else, BBQ, Shiner Boch, and a $200 camera. That’s what community is really about: people. Speaking of people, I’d like to thank Paula Thorton (follow her on twitter) for organizing … Continue readingVideo: Shoutouts from the Dallas Tweetup

Vloggers assemble at Apple Store

I was invited by Tajee to attend a product show off for Sanyo’s Xacti (difficult to find product on website, so Ill send you to Engadget instead, attention Sanyo Web Strategists!) and Voicebank’s Alligator uploading software. What was really interesting was the new Xacti camera line that could be fully immersed underwater. A demo video of Nora and Irina from PodTech was shown messing around at the pixelodeon conference down in LA. What’s really important is showing that video capture can occur from anywhere and at anytime, these very mobile devices (these Xacti’s fit in your pocket) record decent quality and are often backup cameras for even field news reporters. Jay, Ryanne, and Irina from PodTech presented after the two … Continue readingVloggers assemble at Apple Store

Lunch 2.0 at LinkedIn was incredible

(Left: LinkedIn provided each guest a 4 square ball, the latest rage in the valley) There were hundreds present at the community event at LinkedIn in Mountain View. Even the fSan Francisco Chronicle, Justin TV, , Ustreamers, Business Week, and bloggers were there covering the event. LinkedIn provided Armadillo Willy’s BBQ lunch for all, four square balls as gifts, and gave the four founders of Lunch 2.0 lunch box gifts. My role? Founder Mark Jenn nominates me as the “promoter” of Lunch 2.0. Mario Sundar, Kay, and others at LinkedIn did a great job with this community event. No demos, not pitches, just a friendly welcome and invite to talk further. I was asked, “What’s the ROI of Lunch 2.0?” … Continue readingLunch 2.0 at LinkedIn was incredible

LinkedIn lives the Silicon Valley dream, celebrates “In the black” party

Left: Founder Reid Hoffman welcomes guests and introduces CEO Dan Nye. What are the chances of a web startup making it? 5%? 2%? not very good for most? We should take a lesson from business networking tool LinkedIn. LinkedIn celebrates over 14 months of profitability, which is an amazing feat for the thousands of web companies in Silicon Valley that sprout. I first started using LinkedIn in 2000, when my Exodus colleagues were being scattered to the winds during the fallout. (Before I used my blog as a networking tool, I was one of LinkedIn’s early evangelists) While for many bloggers like myself, we rely on our blog as our primary online networking tool, LinkedIn has many benefits. For those … Continue readingLinkedIn lives the Silicon Valley dream, celebrates “In the black” party

Video: BlogHaus Videobloggers are “Bleeping” Nuts

Click To Play I was hanging out with videoblogger and colleague Irina Slutsky last night at the PodTech bloghaus, for some reason, it was more video bloggers than bloggers last night. There were several cameras filming and new shows were being created right on location. The CES conversation was captured shared, and published using these new tools. Some corporate folks from a popular networking company walked in and were astonished, it was amazing to see their eyes light up, they couldn’t believe this were able to be part of the ‘new media’. For many companies, they realize that social media will be a line item for 2007, but they’re still having a hard time figuring out how to be part … Continue readingVideo: BlogHaus Videobloggers are “Bleeping” Nuts