Web Strategy Reading: Dec 4th, 2007

Recommended Reading First and foremost, be sure to read Shel’s ongoing findings from a research assignment he’s been doing with SAP. If you’re in the social media space, be sure to spend time on these posts. James outlines the future of Analysts, how listening in addition to talking are skills needed. The many forms of Conversational Marketing, from Prospero folks How to integrate Social Media into your Live Events. About the Google Intranet MOMA Personal Checklist, a way to stay focused in life Immediacy or being in the conversation? Two perspectives on now vs later. Shiv Singh’s blog is very high signal to noise, if you like my blog, you’ll also love his. How online reviews can raise price of … Continue readingWeb Strategy Reading: Dec 4th, 2007

Ten Web Strategy Blog Posts I wish you’d read

I’m answering a lot of questions and see myself referring to the same blog posts and concepts over and over. There’s a few posts that I recommend that you read, some of them were published a few months ago, but are starting to become very relevant. In fact, I’ll send this post to a few clients that need to get up to speed. If you’re new to my blog, or need a quick review, please read these 10 posts: 1) The Three Spheres of Web Strategy (and the skills required) It’s a role at many large corporations, a program and defines a scope. Find out what it means (the three spheres) the roles and requirements needed to do it right. … Continue readingTen Web Strategy Blog Posts I wish you’d read

Web Strategy Reading: Nov 28th, 2007

Recommended Reading Black Friday snarls websites as online traffic demands increase Of course, it’s now being followed by “cyber monday” Coke launches Facebook branded pages –are they morons? Anil thinks the latest game Portal has ties to previous games, I think it’s representative of how the web works. What happens when Tinyurl.com goes off line, does the internet cease to exist? Can Mozilla’s open data strategy be a savior to open data?

Web Strategy Reading: Nov 18th, 2007

Reccomended Reading Microblogging in the Enterprise This comprehensive guide to Twitter is split into 7 detailed parts. Great wrap up of my presentation with Chris Brogan. Is social media ready for open social? interesting perspective. A few weeks ago, NPR did a bit on Facebook and social networking (Listen in). We met at our Foster City office and talked about Facebook and why it matters. Debate: Aaron suggests that the Valley is just about money, but I say it has a lot to do with passion, chime in on this friendly debate. Funny how it all started on Twitter. And DJHowatt, oh come on, you love to agree with me! (see comments)

Web Strategy Reading: Nov 4th, 2007

Recommended Reading from the past week: Internet usage of China, an i-merge report (PDF) How does an HR orginization (and enterprises at large) deal with Social networks in the enterprise (PDF), link from Dennis Howlett via Twitter How to keep your website relevant, great article (Based upon my previous post) Don’t build your website strategy in a vacuum. A recent eCommerce interview I participated in crosses social networks and those who sell online Need to know about Social Media for B2B? Upcoming workshop in SF Techcrunch reports on how a blog network in Asia may be giving some bloggers grief.

Web Strategy Reading: Oct 28th, 2007

What I’ve been reading and think you should too: Jason did some searching on the top Measurement firms and discovered that the Web Strategy Blog was on the top search results for the term Social media measurement. Thanks Jason for the wonderful feedback, but keep in mind there are folks that are smarter on the topic than me, the sad think about Google is that it prioritizes the content that is most popular, but not the most accurate. Ken Kaplan enjoyed hosting the Social Media Club and is really digging into some of my recent posts and presentations, thanks! (Oh, and most people don’t get the joke of “Jeremiah the web prophet” it’s a play on words and homage to … Continue readingWeb Strategy Reading: Oct 28th, 2007

Web Strategy Reading: Oct 22nd, 2007

Recommended Reading: Rohit on the truths about internet marketing AdWeek extends it’s analysis of Wal-Mart vs Target’s deployment on Facebook Cisco has a PR mishap Wisdom of Crowds and Evolution, is there a connection? Time to review, when is the last time you’ve read the 96 Theses of the cluetrain? Leave a comment, what’s been a great read over the last week?

Web Strategy Reading: Oct 15th, 2007

Recommended Reading Mari interviewed me on her podcast series about Facebook, and what it means for smaller businesses. What you should know about web usability. Mark Cuban is blogging his behind the scenes experience on Dancing with the stars, be sure to give him a vote. The Eepybird boys are at it again, remember their Diet Coke Mentos videos? Now they’re playing with Post it Notes A parents nightmare: School fights meet YouTube, now all can see, parents included Sick of email? One company says no mo’ The Boston Blogger Dinner is completely packed, there is an overflow of attendees wanting to come, see you Thur. Classical Violin meets hip hop DJ: great mashup. Analysis of how Presidential candidates use … Continue readingWeb Strategy Reading: Oct 15th, 2007

Web Strategy Reading: Oct 8, 2007

Recommended Reading: Jessica’s latest story on Live Streaming Tara Hunt has some interesting archtypes based upon Myers-Briggs psychology test, now applied to Social Computing Dave Winer is right, the blogosphere is really in a downward spiral and many continue to add to it. (Update: Please read Dave’s comments below, he was referring to techmeme only) Curt has published the results of a survey to news editors regarding Twitter usage Stunning Imagery: A map of network and internet activity Toyota creates a clever homage to the popular World of Warcraft video Leeeeeroy Jones Now, I’m sure many other advertisers will follow this in a copy cat like behavior.

Web Strategy Reading: Oct 1, 2007

Suggested Reading: First and foremost, Tola has a social media planning guide, that helps one to wrap their head around getting started on a program, or access the guide and all it’s wheels and elements What should a Presidential candidate’s website look like? A checklist of features Louis Rosenfeld and company have done analysis on the analysts, see who covers the user experience field best, also read comments. Colleague Peter Kim has started at media consumption diary, it’s an interesting experiment Savvy TV companies are learning to use the internet for distribution. Chris Brogan on Mapping Social Media Not sure how Social Computing can be applied to the enterprise? This list is helpful. I wasn’t at Techcrunch 40, I heard … Continue readingWeb Strategy Reading: Oct 1, 2007