Exclusive tour of Intel’s new Second Life Island. I gots me a Jetpack!

Intel, who’s a client for video and audio podcasts, took me on a tour of their newest addition to their Second Life island. This was a true brand experience, that infused the Intel message with a quest to find three parts; A jet pack, and two Intel chips to power it. Why jetpacks? They represent speed, agility, and flexibility. Those who complete the quest can use this jetpack to fly higher than most and fly quickly through Second Life , for geeks like me, it’s bragging rights for the second world and first. Tim who focuses on the gaming market at Intel toured myself, Adam who’s reporting from Reuters. (You know Reuters is taking Second Life seriously), and a few … Continue readingExclusive tour of Intel’s new Second Life Island. I gots me a Jetpack!

Second Life, what you should know before your Corporation goes there

Robert has interviewed James Au, an embedded reporter in Second Life. I know many corporate folks who are creating new islands (that means buying a server) and building up virtual worlds. But before you invest in Second Life, be sure to understand the medium you’re getting into so you can fully harness it’s features and abilities. People connect in intersting ways, and build unique lands, there are many opportunities for marketers and corporations to engage customers in new and unique ways. Check out their four part in-depth series on Second Life.

Corporations that “Play” in Virtual Worlds, and how to keep up to date

There’s been a lot of hype over companies in 2006 “announcing” events and products via SecondLife’s Shinyness. Even an Agency Crayon was launched inside of SecondLife. What’s a MMORPG? If you’re not familiar with SecondLife it’s a downloadable application that let’s users interact in a virtual context, select clothes, build worlds, and explore. Some corporations are purchasing “Islands” which are fully contained experiences that in the physical world require the purchase of a server. Let’s take a glimpse at companies that are still practicing in Massive Multi Player Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) Top Brands build in SecondLife Computer World reports these top brands still have a heavy presence in SecondLife: 1. IBM, 2. Pontiac, 3. Sun Microsystems Inc., 4. … Continue readingCorporations that “Play” in Virtual Worlds, and how to keep up to date

Second Life could use an ‘Observer’ or ‘Shadow’ feature, lower the barriers to view

Techcrunch reports that Dell is going to announce something in SecondLife. It doesn’t really matter what it is they announce, but the fact that they’re using SecondLife like Sun, Edelman, and others are is likely the primary motivation. Brian has identified SL as the next shiny object, should WebEx be worried? Some journalists are annoyed they have to create new user accounts and register. “but one journalist, annoyed that he is being forced to create a Second Life account and log in to see what the announcement is, decided to just pass it on to us to break the news.” That’s only half of it, as you’ll have to download the application, or make sure you’ve the current version to … Continue readingSecond Life could use an ‘Observer’ or ‘Shadow’ feature, lower the barriers to view

Second Life News and Links

My usage of Second life has weened, however I’m still keeping an eye on stuff, here’s some interesting recent tidbits of Second Life: Second Life’s security was comprimised, someone hacked the matrix. Discussions on Techmeme about the comprimise. Popular Science has an article on Second Life. People are making money in Second Life (and other useful facts). Mashup: Second life, flickr, delicious. American Apparel’s Second Life Store by Cnet. List of Second Life Businsess. Second Life “Live” concert. GigOm reports on the Second Life community convention last month. Second Life gallery. Pictures of Hipcast’s Second Life Confernece center (Flickr). Flickr Group Photo Pool of SecondLife. Second Life is over 3 years old.

Steve Rubel on PR and Second Life

This video caught my eye of Steve Rubel discussing how PR and Marketing and Media folks are now engaging in Second Life. I’ve played with Second Life and still see it as emerging –haven’t touched in a while, may return later. It’s still interesting how Steve mentions how PR is not about controlling the message, but being involved in a dialogue –give up some control to gain a lot more. The same practice he’s applying to second life is what he preached about blogging. There are so many websites/mediums to explore, it’s simply difficult to see them all. Don’t know what Second life is? Start here –or listen to my tour. Steve Rubel is one of the top PR bloggers … Continue readingSteve Rubel on PR and Second Life