Executive Video Interview: Why Dell Continues To Use Social Media

Bob Pearson (Twitter at bobpdell) Vice President, Communities & Conversations at Dell invited me out to Microsoft’s Architect Forum to co-lead a session on social computing. I let my twitter community come up with questions, and I took three from the dozens to pose to Bob, select questions from: Cece Salomon-Lee, Ravit Lichtenberg, and oemporor (can’t find his tweet) Here’s the questions I posed to Bob, if I could only spit the words out as well as I could write them: Is IdeaStorm increasing revenues? Is social media impacting the bottom and top line of Dell? How Dell has made $1mm in revenue from Twitter. Is social media superficial branding, or does it truly change the company? How does an … Continue readingExecutive Video Interview: Why Dell Continues To Use Social Media

Colorado’s Technology Corridor, A Well Kept Secret

Above Video: Come join me on my “walk through” videos (see others) to meet Boulder’s tech community. I took the day off from work yesterday, and did some sight seeing of the Rockies (thanks to long term friend Kit who was one of the organizers of the Thin Air Summit) and had an opportunity to meet the large tech community at the “Tea House” in Boulder. I quickly learned that the tech scene is active, there’s many startups, events, and a VC community (including this incubator program called TechStars) that helps spur this eco system forward. What makes it attractive? The opportunity to be exposed to the great outdoors, the clean (yet expensive) Boulder area, great food, and healthy lifestyle. … Continue readingColorado’s Technology Corridor, A Well Kept Secret

Why does Comcast care about Twitter? (Video)

I was pleased to see Frank Eliason (he just launched his blog) from Comcast cares join us at Forrester ‘s Consumer Forum this week. In fact, I talked to many of the world’s largest brands about social media marketing during my 1 on 1 sessions with clients (almost 14 of them), it was really the common theme throughout many discussions. If you don’t know the story of Comcast Cares, well they’ve a pretty disliked reputation for service and support (see sleeping technician), but are trying to turn a new leaf by responding and supporting customers using Comcast Cares on twitter. I had to use this a few months ago, as my bandwidth was extremely slow at home, and they responded … Continue readingWhy does Comcast care about Twitter? (Video)

Four Questions for Shel Israel

Shel’s been getting a lot of press lately, some warranted some not, but for sure, a lot of attention. I’m less interested in the drama, but more focused on the impacts of these tools to marketing (that’s my day job) and have some questions for him about the purpose of his Global Neighborhoods mission, quite a few of the folks he interviews are companies I also cover, are my clients, or could be. Jeremiah: As a new video blogger, you’ve had a rough start, the interview you did with me received some criticism, and equal praise for those who focused on the content. What is the biggest learning from this mixup? Probably to leave my owl out of the picture. … Continue readingFour Questions for Shel Israel

Video: Alastair Duncan on Corporate Website Leadership (3:30)

Click To Play Which department should take leadership of your corporate web strategy? Earlier this week, I flew out to Vegas to speak on a panel with Alastair Duncan is Chief Executive of MRM, at Intel’s sales and marketing event. I was really impressed by his nuggets, that I got him on video in the Sands conference center to talk about ownership and governance of web programs within corporations. Alastair’s blog is located Participation Marketing. What you’ll learn? Who really is in charge of web strategy programs? Which department (listen to his insightful answer) How to avoid making your website an irrelevant ‘picture on the wall’ How can Marketing and IT actually get along?

Video: How to Globalize your Website with Taj Peyton, Web Strategist at Intel (3:15)

Click To Play I was just at Intel’s Sales and Marketing event on Tuesday, and was really glad to meet Intel’s EMEA Web Strategist (which is what I call decision makers), Taj Peyton. He’s responsible for understanding each of the unique needs of cultures in his European market and developing localized versions of the corporate Intel site –no easy undertaking. Watch this video and you’ll learn -Why you should or should not localize -What you research -Other than language, how are regionalized sites are different than corporate website -How to get started -Management is a nightmare, what tools to use? I ran out of memory, so the interview got cut short a few seconds, but there’s a lot of meat … Continue readingVideo: How to Globalize your Website with Taj Peyton, Web Strategist at Intel (3:15)

Video: Tristan, Mozilla’s European CEO on Evangelism and Word of Mouth (4:00)

Click To Play Tristan Nitot, (his blog on open source in French) CEO of Mozilla Europe talks about how Firefox spread mainly through word of mouth and people just sharing it and advocating it to others. He suggests that the open source initiative first resonated with people, thus spurring word of mouth. They encouraged users to have the software loaded on a portable thumbnail flash drive, and install it wherever they went. Blogs were a big component of how it spread, as well as local communities that would be passionate about their region, self-supporting each other, and spreading the word. Un traditional web strategies As you may know, Mozilla hasn’t done a lot of traditional marketing or advertising (except for … Continue readingVideo: Tristan, Mozilla’s European CEO on Evangelism and Word of Mouth (4:00)

Video: Connie Benson on how Community Managers win over detractors (2:30)

Click To Play Connie Benson is a community advocate, and is the community manager at ACDsee photo management software that I’ve used when I was a UI designer. Aside from that, she helps me co-moderate the Community Manager group in Facebook, and has been a big contributor in my research, defining the four tenets of community managers, and is becoming a great friend. I asked Connie what to do when detractors criticize your company, brand, or products, we also talk about dealing with an overwhelming negative community or forum. I also recommend setting up a process in advanced that helps to identify what type of detractor you’re dealing with, as some should be responded to quickly, and some should never … Continue readingVideo: Connie Benson on how Community Managers win over detractors (2:30)

Video of Marcia Kadanoff “The Future of the Web is Distributed” (2:42)

Click To Play As I travel around, I do quick interviews with interesting folks, some of them are speakers, thought leaders, or people I interview for my reports. Marcia immediately impressed me as she was asking very key questions during my keynote, and we furthered the conversation over lunch. Marcia Kadanoff, who I met at the Web Community Forum up in Seattle, gives her insight on the future of the web. Search will be the common interface, yet the future is distributed, and people will be communicating in many different locations. She suggests that we stop focus on interruption marketing, focus on engagement marketing, and look at widgets. So what do you think? Is her predictions for 2008 right? I’m … Continue readingVideo of Marcia Kadanoff “The Future of the Web is Distributed” (2:42)

Video: Guy Kawasaki: Future of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Truemors, Twitter, and Hockey (4:42)

Click To Play One of Silicon Valley’s most elite Marketer, Evangelist, Blogger, and VC is Guy Kawasaki. Many know him for his evangelism at Apple, speaking, companies he’s funded, the 8 books he’s been involved with, or the sharing he does from his blog (although he told me over lunch that he’s shared almost everything he can). I met Guy at the local ice rink, where he spends lunches playing hockey. He asked me where I wanted to shoot the video, and I said down by the ice, I had on a jacket, and turtleneck, but he braved the interview for me in just a t-shirt. Guy shares with me some of his predictions for Marketers in 2008, companies he’s … Continue readingVideo: Guy Kawasaki: Future of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Truemors, Twitter, and Hockey (4:42)