Virtualize you Foo!

My former employer Hitachi Data Systems has Mr. T on their side. If you want to learn about Virtualization for your Data storage strategy, you’ll be best to get the expert thoughts and opinions from CTO Hu Yoshida on his blog. Here’s all his posts tagged Virtualization. Unlike other storage blogs from vendors, comments are enabled. Update: If you liked this video, you can Digg it!

About those 3am emails to the CTO…

Hu Yoshida (CTO of Hitachi Data Systems) honors me with this tremendous post, over the last year he wondered if I ever slept, as I would be sending him emails, links to important blogosphere and industry happenings.  At one point I told him I was a web geek, so we’re always online. We as a team worked together to reach out to customers using Social Media. Hu Yoshida has humanized a monolithic storage vendor, and reaches out to customers, and partners using his blogs. Unlike some of the other vendor blogs, the comments on the HDS blogs are wide open. As long as they are on topic (much like Scoble and Shel’s family room rules) they will be posted. Hu … Continue readingAbout those 3am emails to the CTO…

Silicon Valley Sightings: Jeremiah, Dave, and Kris

This is one of my favorite photos, myself with CEO Dave Roberson of Hitachi Data Systems and Kris Tate, CTO and Founder of I love the warmth of this photo, and being with two amazing Silicon Valley leaders. This was at Dave’s get together Wed night, he told us his kids use Zooomr! Kris is one of the most brilliant and industrious minds around. Photo by Thomas Hawk, CEO of zooomr, View his favorite shots

Life Captured and Shared on the Web, A Data Storage Discussion with Dave the CEO of HDS

(Picture: Thomas Hawk, Dave Roberson, and Kris Tate) One of the things I love about the web is it’s ability to be a platform that lets humans connect and share their lives thoughts and experiences. Last night, CEO Dave Roberson of Hitachi Data Systems (my recent employer) hosted a fantastic wine pairing in SF with key members from the growing web industry. Folks from Zooomr, Joyent, Bebo, LifeMoxie, ArcScale, Approver, Martin McKeay, and others. Respected Data Storage Blogger Ben Rockwood got to meet Hu Yoshida, who flew in from his vacation in Southern California just to attend this dinner. Thomas Hawk, Data Storage “Poster Boy” It’s rare to meet someone that creates as much data as Thomas Hawk. One … Continue readingLife Captured and Shared on the Web, A Data Storage Discussion with Dave the CEO of HDS

Thanks for coming to Lunch 2.0 at Hitachi Data Systems

Wow, that was fun, we just concluded the event and I’m sitting downstairs with Robert Scoble, Thomas Hawk, Julio Garcia, and Kristopher Tate. It’s estimated we had over 200 folks, honestly, I was too busy to look around and count! I’m pretty excited, as some folks said they want to talk about Data Storage Strategies as their web sites need to scale. Our CTO Blogger Hu Yoshida attended the event (along with a lot of other folks) and I’m sure will be collecting his thoughts on the event. I really hope the event was a success, it was something unique that Hitachi Data Systems has never done before. The companies that presented we’re very glad for the exposure, some complained … Continue readingThanks for coming to Lunch 2.0 at Hitachi Data Systems