The Dark Side to the Collaborative Economy

As part of my ongoing coverage of the Collaborative Economy (read all the posts) it’s important we explore all facets of this disruptive trend to corporations, not just upsides, but the downsides as well.  I also see that “marketplace friction” is a sign of the disruption that occurs as power changes hands, which should make the seasoned web strategist want to look closer. If you’re from the sharing movement and are offended by this post, my opposite of this post is The Three Drivers of the Collaborative Economy, where I documented over a dozen specific attributes that are driving this movement.  Please read it.  While the recently published Report on the Collaborative Economy lists the key challenges continues to obtaining traction, let’s focus in … Continue readingThe Dark Side to the Collaborative Economy

Matrix: Challenges of the Social Technology Industry, July 2010 Edition

While the opportunities for social technologies to change the world, business, and our individual lives continue to unveil, it’s also key to focus in on the challenges that impact the industry.  For many folks who have decided to invest in social technologies to improve their careers and business, it’s even more important to pay attention to these challenges. First of all, have the right mindset. The savvy person will realize this isn’t a list of gripes, but instead an opportunity list.  Leaders at vendors, agencies, or brands will see these list of challenges of problems to fix and monetize.   If you’re in this space, you’ll want to send this list to your product teams, or strategy teams so they … Continue readingMatrix: Challenges of the Social Technology Industry, July 2010 Edition

When Appliances, Pets, and Plants Start to Tweet

Soon, we should expect devices and appliances of all kinds to emit digital updates.  Will it be signal or noise?  It depends on your perspective. This “Ambient Status” is in which a non-living device or non-human beings compulsively create digital signals and updates. With technologies at hand that allows anyone to share their opinion and status, the world becomes more connected. Perhaps one of the challenges in our overly connected world is the damage that excessive noise from many who publish causes.   It won’t be limited to just people: expect our cars, refrigerators, servers, pets and plants to start tweeting, blogging, and live streaming.   For example, we should expect in the near future that: Cars to alert us … Continue readingWhen Appliances, Pets, and Plants Start to Tweet

Looking Behind the Curtains on the Social Media Stage: Humans Don’t Scale

I’ve been watching this space for a few years now, and I’ve started to notice that the people (often those that we think of that are at the upper echelons) are not able to scale, as a result here’s what they’re doing to compensate: Many social media bloggers don’t even manage their own accounts, they often hire virtual assistants to do their Facebook and Twitter follows and replies. Quite of few of those top social media bloggers don’t even answer their own emails, they have a virtual assistant that reviews them, sorts them, and sometimes responds on their behalf. Many of the top social media news blogs are on a race to see who can publish the fastest, why? whoever … Continue readingLooking Behind the Curtains on the Social Media Stage: Humans Don’t Scale

What’s Wrong With Corporate Social Media, and How To Fix It

What’s Wrong With Corporate Social Media? Well, A lot of things. I was invited to join a panel designed by Peter Kim (he used his blog to gather feedback) at the Web 2.0 expo to explore just those topics. We managed to get Charlene Li, and it was like a mini-reunion. Over dinner the preceding night, we decided to focus on four key challenges that we see across the social media marketing industry. The Four Major Challenges of Social Media Today 1. How to get culture to adopt & get executives to buy in? 2. How to make social media “campaigns” work? 3. How do you measure social media? 4. Does social media even matter? Folks who blogged the session: … Continue readingWhat’s Wrong With Corporate Social Media, and How To Fix It

Culture, the Great Influencer on Corporate Social Media Adoption

I’ve helped dozens of companies define their social media strategy based on research. Often, we conduct custom research efforts to evaluate first if their customers are using these tools (technographics) then we often talk with many stakeholders to find out their thoughts on social media. Sadly, in some cases, brands that had active customer bases using social technologies were not ready to participate themselves due to culture. Whether is paralysis, legal, or a cultural influence from management, or even location (I did a tour in Japan to find out how social media is growing there). One example that comes to mind is a financial company I worked with, they are one of the ones that have an incredible amount of … Continue readingCulture, the Great Influencer on Corporate Social Media Adoption

Expulsion of the Social Media “Gurus” –Impacts of the Recession

Thank god for the recession, as now the social media gurus are on the way out. One of the challenges of the social media industry, oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of challenges, is that self-proclaimed gurus have appeared from everywhere. In fact, the recession is going to cause those who are unemployed to experiment with the tools on a personal basis, giving them ample ammo to update their linkedin profile as a social media expert category. But isn’t that the point? Shouldn’t everyone be able to get into the action? Of course, yes. However times are different now, with budgets under scrutiny, layoffs at hands, companies don’t have time for gurus filled with opinion, … Continue readingExpulsion of the Social Media “Gurus” –Impacts of the Recession

How Companies Respond to the Risks of Personal Brands

Some companies are wary of personal brands Last week, I spoke to a social media strategist as a very large consumer packaged goods company, he expressed to me over this client call (called an inquiry) that he was concerned about employees getting too popular due to their personal brands and as a result, getting pulled right out of the company. [Despite that social technologies can improve customer relationships, the risks may be too great for some companies to bear, as a result, some corporations will shy away from allowing employees to have personal brands] Personal brands can bring trust to monolithic corporations In the age of transparency and conversation, brands know they need to join customers where they are, and … Continue readingHow Companies Respond to the Risks of Personal Brands

How Motrin Should Respond To The Groundswell

A few weeks ago, the Motrin Moms kerfuffle blew up and I tracked it by the numbers just a few days after the explosion. Nearly three weeks later, it’s time to revisit the incident to see what’s happened. [Brands that get punk’d by social media have an opportunity to quickly respond and enable the groundswell to pirouette the energy towards a positive direction] Running the numbers you can see interest has piqued for Motrin: People are curious: Google insights indicates a spike in searches for the term “Motrin”. There’s more interest in Motrin than other competitors: comparing terms “Motrin” to “Tylenol” and “Ibprofen” other brands in the space, there’s a peak that outperforms the market. Alexa, a third party traffic … Continue readingHow Motrin Should Respond To The Groundswell

Four Business Opportunities for the Evolved PR Agency

This post is a response to last night’s event at the Horn Group called Is Social Media Killing PR? Sam Whitmore moderated Kara Swisher (media), and Susan Etlinger (PR) and me (analyst) for a lively debate, which resulted in the crowd chiming into the issues. I don’t think the conversation evolved as far enough as I wanted to see it go, so here’s what I wanted to share. For years the Public Relations industry has ironically one of the worst reputations –esp since they are hired to look after the reputations of their own clients. Things only got worse as some brands got punk’d; the introduction of self-publishing tools that allowed anyone to connect to each other using social technologies, … Continue readingFour Business Opportunities for the Evolved PR Agency