Video: Future of The Web, Devices, Culture. On This Week on Tech (TWiT)

I had the honor of appearing on the famed tech channel ForeCast on This Week in Tech,, affectionally known as (TWiT), spurred from Leo Leporte.  While I’ll keep it brief, you can check out the hour long show, where I streamed live from our office The Hangar (see pics from our recent event) in San Mateo.  

This show, ForeCast discusses the future of technology, and I was able to give a prediction they’ve not heard before that “URLs and Domains as know them go away”.   We discussed pushed the thinkiing and talked about how devices disappear, and fade into the background.

Click to advance to show, featuring: Tom Merritt, Scott Johnson, Joshua Caleb and myself

Love to hear your comments below, on the future or the web, devices, and work.