Video: How to Scale Your Social Business Program and Achieve Escape Velocity (Keynote)

I’m very thankful that Altimeter’s research on social business was featured at Baaarvoice’s customer conference to 600 attendees focused in on the retail, cpg, hospitality, and consumer technology space in Austin Texas a few weeks ago.

I was asked to share our latest Open Research (see career path of the corporate social strategist report and how to spend on social business). We know that many companies are continuing to realize that social business does not scale in a 1:1 basis. Your customer voices will always outnumber the number of community managers you can hire. As a result, companies must invest in these following five programs:

  1. Formalize a Hub and Spoke model:
  2. Become an enabler for business units
  3. Scale with peer-to-peer communities
  4. Formalize a customer advocacy program
  5. Streamline workflow with SMMS

Read the highlight notes from Tara DeMarco of Bazzarvoice, also, while I’ve published the slides a few weeks ago, I’ve also embedded them below. Just want to add one caveat to number one: many regulated industries must maintain the centralized formation.

Building Your Social Strategy: Prioritizing the Coming Year from Bazaarvoice on Vimeo.