Slides: Social Business Forecast: 2011 The Year of Integration (LeWeb Keynote)

Research reveals corporations to focus on integration, staffing, advertising, and measurement in 2011.

I’m sharing these slides as I take the stage for one of the few business focused tracks at the largest European internet conference, LeWeb (pic). The following slides are based on the survey data collected in our latest research report on the Career Path of the Social Strategist which has been downloaded at least 3000 times and viewed over 21,000 times and been discussed on Marketing Profs, RWW, Mashable, Fast Company, and many other blogs. In the deck you’ll recognize some of the data in 2010, but we’ve also segmented it by business maturity.

In the predictions section in 2011, we’ll find data on where companies are going to focus, as well as spending changes based on maturity of corporations –notice how advanced companies shift to customization and social media boutiques.

Above: Here’s a video from the front row (Thanks Erno), apologies, I’m fighting a cold and a bit stuffed up. I added this video later.

Above, here’s the official LeWeb video, thanks Loic

How You Should Invest in 2011: Scalable Programs
1:1 dialog with customers does not scale –you can not hire enough community managers to keep up with the growing number of customer voices, as a result, we recommend that corporations focus on the following six areas of investment for 2011

  1. Hire correctly (Gurus/Ninjas/Samurai need not apply) and properly train for scale
  2. Integrate social media on the corporate website, then aggregate and curate
  3. Invest in advertising that leverages social graph
  4. Build an unpaid army of advocates –get your customers to do the work for you
  5. Invest in scalable systems like SCRM and SMMS
  6. Learn to measure using the ROI Pyramid

Open Research: Share it Widely
This data, which we make available for the industry is under the premise of Open Research rather than charging for it. It’s intended for you to use, cite, and share as long as you provide attribution to Altimeter Group. The more you share, the easier it is for us to create more. Some of the select figures are available here on Flickr, embedded below, expect I’ll discuss these in greater detail in coming weeks.

Corporate Social Business Maturity: Breakdown by Budget, Team Size, and Formational Modal

2010-2011 Forecast:  Social Business Go To Market Programs by Adoption Percent.  Growth in All Areas, yet in Single Digits Only

2010-2011 Forecast:  Social Business Go To Market Programs by Dollar Spend: Increase in Staffing, Advertising, Community Platforms, and Customer Technology Development

Total Budget Across All Respondents for Social Strategy in 2011, Per Corporation

Special thanks to the research team involved in this project lead by Christine Tran, Andrew Jones, and guidance from Charlene Li, all of Altimeter Group, where I’m a partner.