Upcoming Research Teaser: What do Employers Want in a Corporate Social Media Strategist?

Altimeter Group is doing thorough research on the role of the Corporate Social Media Strategist. I’ve got bits of data below, and a bunch more coming.

Who are these people? The Corporate Social Media Strategist are are decision makers of social media within an enterprise corporation over social media programs. In fact, I have a growing list of actual Corporate Social Media Strategists right here.

Our research will involve surveying them, analyzing job descriptions, analyzing LinkedIn Profiles, looking at HR salary information. Beyond that, we’ve completed 49 interviews over the past few months of strategists and those they work with, that’s right, 49 to find out what works and what’s keeping them up at night.

Teaser Data: Here’s what Employers Want in Corporate Social Media Strategists
Here’s a teaser of just a small part of the research findings, based on analyzing 51 (not 50) real job descriptions:

Employers are seeking experienced professionals:

  • 5.2-6.6 years of real world Business Experience
  • 2.3-3.6 of actual Social Media Experience

Education Requirements:

  • 76.4% request a Bachelors degree.
  • 11.7% prefer (yet most don’t require) a MBA.

Degree Preferences

  • The primary segment of requested degrees is in the area of focus of Communications, Journalism or English.
  • The second segment of degrees was closely followed by either Marketing or Advertising degrees.
  • Thirdly, a handful had web, technical, IT, or general business degrees requests.

Now to be clear, that’s just what employers want, that’s not actual reality. We’ll be comparing what employers want –vs what real strategists actually do in our report.

The Many Other Questions Our Research Will Answer
It’s interesting stuff, and part of our research will to analyze and compare what employers want –vs what really exists from these actual professionals. What else will this report answer?

  • Background, responsibilities, and skills employers want from this role
  • Their actual background, experience, and skills
  • What makes them tick: about their mindset and personality
  • Top challenges they face
  • What they measure
  • How large team sizes are
  • How sophisticated programs are
  • Spending trends on Software, Agencies, Consultants
  • How they organize their programs
  • Where they go to learn about new technologies
  • Who they rely on to make decisions
  • What they think their role will become in 5 years

I have that role: I want to take the Survey
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Caveat: The above data should be assumed draft, wait until the final report comes live for all the detailed info.