Developing a Social Strategy: Slides and Webinar Recording –Share It

Yesterday, we had the second in a three part webinar series about social strategy. The first, which you should listen to, focuses on understanding customers though socialgraphics. The following slides and recorded webinar (a bit faint, so be sure turn it up) are intended to be the foundation for companies of all sizes to develop a strategy based on business objectives –not the latest technology.

We believe in Open Research and encourage our knowledge to become the foundation for growth of ideas, and encourage you to learn, share on your blog, and put into educational materials. Those that offer social services or technologies, should consider embedding this on their site, and using to quickly educate prospects and clients –furthering the industry forward.

The Social Strategy Trilogy

Part 1: Socialgraphics help you to understand your customers
Part 2: Developing a Social Strategy (You’re here now)
Part 3: Getting your company ready

Attend the Final Third Webinar: Getting Your Company Ready
To attend the third no cost webinar, we’re accepting registrations (we had over 1100 this second one) so please sign up.

Above, Listen in to recording, it takes a few minutes to get started.

If you write a review I’ll be happy to provide a link so we can hear the perspectives of those that watched, if you found the presentation helpful, please pass it on, and encourage it to spread

  • Sharon gleaned five key points
  • Airfoil PR highlights 7 key learnings
  • Alyce gives her wrap up thoughts
  • Charlene cross posted from the Altimeter blog
  • The file is also on Dropio
  • The tag from the event was #socialstrategy, see the Twitter discussion
  • The next webinar, “Social Strategy: Getting Your Company Ready” will be taking place on Wednesday, April 14 from 11 am -12 pm. You can register at this link: