Ongoing List of Social Marketing Efforts from Vacation Destinations, Convention, and Tourism Bureaus

Above: A photo I took on a recent trip to North Shore Oahu, inline with my plans to fulfill operation bluewater. Recent data around interactive marketing spend indicates that the hospitality industry was ripe for spending on social marketing above all other industries.  Why?  This form of consumer marketing could be dependent on the human emotion and story telling between individuals, or through compelling word of mouth marketing campaigns. As a result, Christine Tran, Altimeter Researcher and myself are kicking off this list, and encourage you to add  examples by leaving a comment.  The scope for this is list is a tourist destination –not a hotel, airline, or specific restaurant. Bahamas Island Film Challenge, The Bahamas Tourist Office UK This … Continue readingOngoing List of Social Marketing Efforts from Vacation Destinations, Convention, and Tourism Bureaus

Webinar: Socialgraphics Provides a Customer-Centric Approach to Social Strategy.

Left: In the past, marketers have relied on tried and true demographics to understand customers. Now, as consumers adopt social technologies, marketers must measure socialgraphics, which indicates how they interact with each other. Update: Get the slides and watch the webinar: Thanks for attending, with over 800 registered, we’ve now made the Slides and Recorded Webinar available. Beware of plans or proposals that start with “Twitter Strategy” or “Facebook Strategy” Instead, they should have a “Customer Strategy” that focuses in on how customers behave –not on the ever-changing toolset. As a result, companies should first understand how their customers use social technologies before they choose the tools. Socialgraphics is how to measure how customers use social technologies, where they are … Continue readingWebinar: Socialgraphics Provides a Customer-Centric Approach to Social Strategy.

FirstTake: Powered, A Social Marketing Suite, Acquires Crayon and Social Media Agencies

News hit this Monday that Powered has acquired three social media agencies: crayon, Drillteam and StepChange. I just had a skype video conversation with Aaron Strout and Joseph Jaffe to learn more, here’s my take.  You can read crayon founder Joseph’s take and Aaron Strout the CMO of Powered and a quick mention in NYT. A Solution Set of Services Bolsters a Marketing Platform I’ve heard of crayon, and have many conversations and even podcasts with founder Joseph Jaffe, I’ve also spent time with the Powered executive team last year.  Stepchange is a 13 person team out of Portland focused on Facebook Apps and mobile, and Drillteam, from NY, has been around for 10 years and focuses on experitntial and … Continue readingFirstTake: Powered, A Social Marketing Suite, Acquires Crayon and Social Media Agencies

Matrix: Breakdown of Advocacy Marketing

The recession has been great for social marketing, in fact, I feel it’s spurred the industry on. With overall reduced marketing budgets, companies must innovate, and find new channels that are more efficient than the ‘carpet-bombing’ techniques of traditional marketing. There are a handful of goals that companies can have with social technologies, from learning, dialog, support, and innovation (see Charlene’s deck, starting at slide 8 to learn more), I want to drill down in the following matrix to focus on the goal of spreading, and word of mouth, and viral. I call this “Advocacy”. Marketers, who strive to find efficient ways of reaching customers at lower cost, seek ‘force-multipliers‘ or a method where using a small degree of energy … Continue readingMatrix: Breakdown of Advocacy Marketing

Placing Bets On Social Strategy, SCRM, and Mobile in 2010

Above Image: Readers of this blog asked for coverage in Social CRM, Mobile Social Networks, and Community Platforms. This is in alignment with my goals for 2010. First of all, thanks to those who responded to the 2009 Web Strategy survey, the results were telling. One of the questions that I asked was about areas of focus, I’m pleased to hear that the direction readers want me to focus is in alignment with where I’m headed. It’s important to have goals, (even my personal goals to live in Hawaii 30 days a yearlike Operation Bluewater) and I’m happy to share my focus for the coming year. Here’s my baseline topics that I’ve been blogging about, and helping clients through advisory … Continue readingPlacing Bets On Social Strategy, SCRM, and Mobile in 2010

Matrix: Social Technology Adoption Curve Benefits –and Downsides

Know The Upsides –And Downsides Of Your Adoption Behavior Individuals and companies should be deliberate in their adoption strategy, there are benefits and risks to each category. It’s been interesting watching different group adopt social technologies over the past few years, I can see who benefits from being first –and the pains to be a thought leader of both individuals and companies. Above, this is the standard Rogers Adoption Curve, it’s important to point out that my matrix below only is in context of social technologies, it will vary from technology to technology.  I found this take on the adoption stages of social technologies helpful in framing how I thought about the following matrix. I built this following matrix in … Continue readingMatrix: Social Technology Adoption Curve Benefits –and Downsides