Finding: Social CRM Vendors Don’t Walk The Talk

I first posted this on the Destination CRM blog, thanks to Josh Weinberger @kitson. Update: The below is a partial view of the industry, do see this larger index of Social CRM vendors. Surveying the Social CRM Industry Business partner Ray Wang (focused on enterprise strategy) and myself (customer strategy) of the Altimeter Group is undergoing a major project for a client in the nascent Social CRM arena.  We’re surveying the landscape to learn about a variety of vendors in the space, their capabilities and deployments. A small portion of our survey is to see who’s eating their own dog food, and truly demonstrating they understand the ‘social’ aspect of social crm and living it. Companies Who Sell Social Products … Continue readingFinding: Social CRM Vendors Don’t Walk The Talk

When Real Time Is *Not* Fast Enough: The Intention Web

Things started slow I remember when people would go to conferences, take notes, then share them a few hours or days later.  Then in 2005-2006 I noticed people started to live blog sessions, anxious readers would refresh as the page was updated in real time –sometimes with photos.  Fast forward to Dec 2006, Twitter emerges to the early adopters and people begin to share in real-time.   Plurk, Jaiku, and then Facebook status updates emerge, followed by the enterprise vendors like SocialText, it’s not just a product, status updates are now a feature. [The Intention Web: A Published, Anticipated Goal.] When Real Time Is Not Fast Enough: The Intention Web I’ll be presenting at Europe’s largest tech conference, LeWeb next … Continue readingWhen Real Time Is *Not* Fast Enough: The Intention Web

Guest Post: Site Updates

Jeremiah: The Web Strategy Blog isn’t just about me, but the overall community.  One of the key members of the team is Mitch Canter, my web designer, and the guy who keeps my blog and all the features up and running.  I aim to implement many of the social technologies that I cover. It helps me to learn, stay current, and understand the limitations and benefits of the tools, which I pass on to you and my clients.  The following is a guest post from Mitch of StudioNashVegas, about a few updates (based on your feedback) we’ve made this past week: Mitch: Hey everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood WordPress guy Mitch Canter again!  I’ve been doing some work to Jeremiah’s … Continue readingGuest Post: Site Updates