A Dialog about the Future for Students and Employers: The Upcoming Social Workforce

To best see what’s coming next, it’s helpful to examine the next generation workforce.

Right about now it’s spring break, and that means that some students finally have enough time to shake off the late night party buzz and think about their careers. I know this, as I’m getting more emails from students and college professors that are teaching our young minds about social media, marketing, web marketing and other related topics.

More than ever, they need to think their career through as they’ll be competing for entry level positions with more qualified individuals. In my opinion, where they lack in experience they can make up with enthusiasm and perhaps even more relevant. What would that be? Being digital natives, they’re born with technology and specifically, the web in their hands, this could be more natural to them than a CMO. (take a look at their technographics, they lead in adoption)

Perhaps they’ve seen this list of professionals that are either corporate social media strategists, or community managers, or want to work at a social media vendor, interactive agency, or are enamored with the thought of working at a top blog like Techcrunch, RWW, or Mashable.

Let’s kick off a dialog, one that can both help students understand a career in this space, as well as help future employers understand what to look for.

Students and teachers, let’s hear your thoughts:

1) Are you interested in a career in social media, or a related field? What attracts you?
2) What are you doing now to get skilled, experienced, and educated in this field?
3) What will you look for in an employer? What would make you not want to work for an employer?
4) Feel free to leave your contact and school info

Professionals and Employer, let’s hear your thoughts:

1) What attracts you to the social media space, why do you do this for a living? Sure, you may not have ‘social media strategist’ in your title, but you’re certainly involved.
2) How should students prepare for a career in this social space?
3) Please give your title, industry, and number of years working, followed by number of years (or months) in the social space

I hope we can both learn a bit from both of us, heck, perhaps some may find some job or internship opportunities.

Update: LinkedIn has this site for students who want to build their career.