Feedback Session 2: Web Strategy Redesign

I’m having good success working with StudioNashVegas, and based on your feedback from a while ago, we’ve slowly made the changes you’ve suggested. Being a community guy, I’m working with you all to decide on what’s best for the upcoming redesign –of course, I factor in the feedback, but I make the executive call, or we’ll be doing death by committee.

While I’m 90% confident the comp is where I want it to be as far as user interface and information architecture, part of my work as a social analyst is to experiment with the different tools out there, so I’m going to use CROWDspring to outsource creation of my header. The designers will keep the logo, and will be given the dimensions to use for the header, more news on that soon (Update: here’s the details). This is a controversial topic, as I’ve written about why it’s here to stay, and I’ll be in one of the main stages at SXSW to debate it.

I’d like to get your feedback on this second iteration of the comp, I take your feedback seriously. Even if you see someone who’s said something similar to you, please chime in the comments, as I put weight on frequency of mentions.

Remember, it’s not just me that has to use this site, it’s as much a community resource, so I do value your feedback.

Web Strategy Comp 2
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Oh yeah, I’ll work with my buddy Brian Solis who will take a new profile pictures, just haven’t had the time. Update: If you’re interesting in designing my banner, see the rules here on CROWDspring.

Leave your feedback below, myself and Mitch from StudioNashVegas are listening.