What’s Your Career Mission?

Even if you work for a large company, you are still a company of one. You are you own CEO, CMO, CFO and CIO, on ocassion, you’ll be your own intern but that’s a different story. Every great company has a goal, a mission, or a vision, to be successful, you should have one too.

During this rough economic time you should be doing some soul searching, the market has changed and you need to evaluate how you’ll position yourself –even if you’re still employed. Scrutiny abound, you should start to think about what your long term goal is, beyond filling in your weekly status report.

Do you have a career mission? What exactly is it that you want to do when you’re at the peak of your career?

I’ll start. My career mission is to help companies successfully use the web to reach customers, and this blog embodies that. While I’m focused on social technologies now, the web will evolve to something else and I’ll be there, hopefully leading. In retrospect, I should think broader to ‘digital’, but at least the next decade will have a strong focus on the internet.

We all get invited to events, websites, and activities of limitless ends, there are more events every single night in silicon valley then there is time to attend, as a result, we need to start getting focused on what our true goal is to achieve our needs..

Now your turn. Over the coming weeks, really think about what your long term mission is, everything you do to better yourself (training, reading, blogging, events) should align with your overall mission. We’re rallying our clients to be focused during this rough time, and I’m encouraging you –the company of one– to do the same.

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