Layoffs in the Social Media Space

With the financial crises impacting not just US but global markets, as an industry analyst focused on social computing, I’m going to watch how this impacts layoffs in the tech and social media space.

While I take no joy in seeing jobs get cut, I do feature recent ‘on the moves’ and have links to many job sites related to social media. It’s only fair that I point out the new hires as well as the exits.

To be clear these layoffs aren’t just hitting the social media space, but will hit other industries. Most recent at the top, in some cases these are hard to confirm as sources from company feed rumor sites, so take them as you will.

Layoffs in the Social Media Space

  • Oct 14: Jive lays off around 20% of worforce
  • Oct 13: Redfin lays off 20% of workforce leaving 75 (link via TomCummings)
  • Oct 10: Fast Company, which has social network for website and popular videoblogger, lays off 20
  • Oct 10: Seesmic, a video conversation player lays off 7
  • Oct 6: eBay to lay off 10% of workforce to streamline after recession.
  • Oct 3: Gawker blog network lays off 19, and brags about it.
  • Leave a comment below with a submission, or watch these tweets with the tag #techlayoffs, there are three there now

    Techcrunch has a layoff tracker, it’s like we’re seeing f-d company all over again.