Friendfeed & Twitter

As you know, I’m very active on twitter (my profile), if you haven’t already, read how I use Twitter. Yesterday, I lost 1000 followers, due to Twitter removing spammers “Twammers” most were bots that were publishing content to feed their websites or client sites —more from Cnet

Yesterday, I was live tweeting the highlights from Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote, apparently very few tweets from others were being published, I, among a few others were the only ones able to publish.

Also when I get to 10,000 Twitter followers, I’m going to give away some electronics that I’ve been reviewing, stating with a Nokia Wi-Fi tablet, so stay tuned there.

On a side note, the head of our consulting department recently joined Twitter, of course, I warned her that I was high volume, and suggested an internal use of the tool would be great for her to keep track of all the consultants projects –as they travel the globe. Does anyone know of a twitter clone for enterprise (and ties with SMS)?

If you’re creating, or critiquing a lot of social content on the web (or are a creator/critic/collector/joiner), you’ve probally noticed that it’s disjointed and disparte –content is spread all over the place. If you are regularly creating, rating, ranking content on more than 5 social websites, you should also consider aggregating all of that on Friendfeed. I’m pulling in Pandora, Twitter, Blog posts, Upcoming, Flickr, upcoming and all kinds of other social services into my friendfeed page.

Also, nearly every day, I kick off a conversation (often NOT about tech) on Friendfeed, as it’s most suited for discussions –a discussion board. Today I hosted this discussion on “what do you love –and hate– about growing older” or this Debate discussing whether the United States should stay in the middle east to finish the job, or leave and reduce short term risk.

Find me on Twitter and Friendfeed, but warning, I’m high volume (but generally sometimes high signal) on both channels.

Update: see this list of brands on Twitter, impressive.