10 Questions Analyst Relations Have About Social Media

Yesterday, I spoke to a room full of Analyst Relations (AR) and Public Relations (PR) professionals at a large tech vendor. I was asked to lead a discussion about the impacts of social media to their daily life.

I’ve been hearing about these questions from AR folks themselves, as well as from Forrester’s AR services team, and analysts such as Ray Wang . Hopefully, this will kick off a discussion and we can collaboratively share and learn.

10 Questions Analyst Relations Professionals Have About Social Media

1. Is social media a medium to influence the influencers?
2. Are influencers impacted by social media usage of clients, vendors, and media?
3. Now that many are creating their own messages is message control realistic?
4. Can AR and PR benefit from listening to social media?
5. Can AR and PR benefit from using social media to talk?
6. How do AR folks, who are traditionally accustomed to deep, often in person relationships benefit from this?
7. Does this really mean more work for me?
8. If our competitors use this, do they have a leg up on us?
9. How to we quantify the ROI of our efforts?
10. Leave a comment if you’ve got a point of contention.

Self admittedly, I’m new to this topic, and many others have been thinking this through more carefully. I do however represent a new type of analyst that uses these tools to support, promote, and enhance, some parts of my research (it’s not good for deep analysis nor accurate trending), so you’ll want to observe my behaviors carefully as I make mistakes and also figure things out.

If you want to learn more, subscribe to Jonny Bentwood, SageCircle’s Carter Lusher, or talk to the Forrester AR folks that are thinking this through much deeper than I am. Also, see this List of Resources, Profiles, Indexes, Blogs, Companies and Information for the Analyst Industry.

Update: Carter Lusher just pointed me to this list of Analyst Relations pros that are on Twitter, half are from Tech, and half are from agency.

Update 2: Carter responds to my questions, with his take on the answers, read part 1 and part 2.