Findings: Why Companies Should Talk to Customers

ExpoTV recently ran a research study to determine how do consumers relate to each other. While this isn’t Forrester Research, so I will not defend, nor explain their methodology. It’s rare that analysts point to research other than their own, if I put your interests first, you’ll continue to come back to me.

Blog ExpoTV found that:

  • 55% of customers in their survey want to have an ongoing discussion brands
  • Respondents were most anxious to talk to the product design (49%) department, followed by customer support (14%), marketing (14%) and pricing (13%)
  • 89% said they felt more loyal if they knew the brand was listening through a feedback group (attention insight community vendors)
  • WOM: Sixty-one percent of survey respondents said that they told at least 10 people about the last brand they liked.
  • WOM: Eighty-one percent of respondents will tell at least five people.
  • Despite this evidence, it’s interesting to note that a recent WSJ Article that Most Corporate Blogs Are Unimaginative Failures featuring a Forrester report shows that many corporate blogs (a common way companies talk to customers) isn’t going that well. One common mis-step is that corporate blogs are focused on pushing their own agenda, not that of the readers/customers.