Where Do Community Managers Come From?

Recently, I published a report called How to Hire for Social Computing, it indicates what management should look for, how to manage them, and how they should think about compensating them.

Just over a week ago, I put out a call to the industry that we were hiring a Community Manager. Because I was a Community Manager and write about it frequently, I received an above normal response rate, 19 Resumes were submitted. Keep in mind, that some of these folks are not community managers, but they’ve all aspired to be in the role.

I promised to protect everyone’s identity, (as many of them are currently employed) but here are the high level findings at average:

A Persona of the Community Manager (based on 19 resumes)

Years of Work Experience
An average of 10.61 Years

Current roles
A majority are working in Marketing or are currently social media position (community manager or social media strategist)

What Industries did they come from?
Most are in tech or media or PR. A handful working in education, religious or non-profit (makes sense as these inexpensive tools have great reach)

Most have a BA or BS, followed by many with MBAs and a handful without a degree.

I think I’m in one of the most rare positions in the industry to have my hands on so many Community Manager resumes in one place, especially so early in the industry

Interesting, I fit almost exactly into that persona: 9 years exp, Marketing exp, from Tech, and Bachelor degree.