Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: March 12, 2008


I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly digest on the Social Networking space, which I cover as an analyst.

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Web Strategy Summary
The possible intent for Yahoo to Join OpenSocial (Google’s alliance to allow widgets to freely travel between social networks) is expected. This is an industry shift, and we should be watching –and adapting– to this. Compete shares top visited social networks, where MySpace and Facebook continue to dominate, and growth spurts from smaller players like Myyearbook are good to watch.

OpenSocial: Yahoo could Join
I’m confident this would be a smart move for Yahoo, this is something they should take seriously. Yahoo to join OpenSocial. The only player that’s not going to be part of OpenSocial out of the large organic networks will be Facebook. But since they’re sharing a seamless transition with Bebo (who’s part of OpenSocial) it could now be a forced hand for them.

Usage: Social Network Visits, Feb 2007 vs 2008
Compete graphs the top visited websites, MySpace and Facebook continue to dominate, although Myyearbook makes quick gains.

Evolution: REM sells next album on iLike
The Might Be Giants was the first to sell their albums on MP3 in the 98 or 99, Pearly Jam in 2007, Radiohead in 2007, and now REM sells their album on iLike.

Whitepaper: Increasing the Density of Connections to Power Business Performance
SelectMinds, who has made some recent announcements of funding and new products is offering a white paper on how businesses can improve by enabling employees to connect.

Deployment: Awareness power travel social network
Awareness, announced that its Enterprise Social Media platform is powering GlobalTravelBlog.com, a community where travelers can share their experiences and connect with each other.

Analysis: Performance of Widgets
Interesting graphs and analysis on how many applications are growing –then ‘epic’ failing– through loss of usage and user interaction.

Interview: Zuckerberg on the future of Facebook
This short interview, which starts with the recruitment of the newest COO sheds light on the direction –and lack of– that Facebook is headed. One thing is clear, cocktail parties are serious social networking events here in Silicon Valley.

Acquisition: Pluck acquired for $75m by Demand Media
Demand Media has purchase Pluck, the “social media platform provider to high profile clients including USA Today, The Washington Post, and Fox News.” reports MashableChris in last week’s digest)

Features: Newsgator powers Sharepoint to go ‘social’
Newsgator, with strength in embeds now is going to empower Microsoft’s sharepoint to have social networking features, enabling it’s strong CMS and collaboartion tools to let members connect and share.

Schools: Don’t get Facebook/Real World
The education system appears (at least in this case) appears to be completely withdrawn from the fact the real world is about collaboration, and it often happens online. This student, who lead group collaboration has charges brought against him, as he created a virtual study group. On the other hand, maybe this was an individual assignment, and he didn’t follow orders.

Drama: Zuckerburg Interview takes a very wrong turn
Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg experiences a very awkward interview, too many opinions to point to, just see techememe.

Expansion: YouTube extends, Kickapps hosts
YouTube announced that it would let it’s player be more of an embedded application. Kickapps is the first to let the experience be available from it’s own social networking platform.

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