Social Media Housekeeping, and How Can I Work 4 Hours a Week?

Just a few minor things: I read all your comments and tweets Firstly, when I meet blog readers, I often ask for feedback, to me the constant feedback reinforces what I’m doing right, and what I can improve and grow on. Today, one reader suggested that I make sure to close the feedback loop when it comes to comments. While we both agreed that it’s impossible for me to respond to each comment, I want you to all know that I read each and every comment. Why? it makes me smarter around topics that I’ve initiated, so thank you all for that. If you can’t tell, I try really hard to listen, I just can’t always respond to all messages. … Continue readingSocial Media Housekeeping, and How Can I Work 4 Hours a Week?

Up Close and Personal with Technographic Data

(Part 1 in a 3 part series) Although it’s Sunday, I’m up early reviewing the data that Andres R, (one of our consultants) and I will be presenting to a client. It’s my first official project that I’m delivering and it’s a real learning experience. I’ve been in heaven lately, swimming in lots of social media data from our massive surveys we deploy, and in this case, we ‘cut’ data from the database to help a client understand the Technographics of the people they are trying to reach. Being new to this process at Forrester, the research is similar to user experience research I used to conduct. We conducted stakeholder interviews to understand the business goals and drivers, worked with … Continue readingUp Close and Personal with Technographic Data

Twitter Is My Social Computer –How it could extend to be yours

Computers exist everywhere It took me a while to figure out that wherever I go, whenever I want, I’ve access to one of the world’s most powerful computers. It’s not an IBM Mainframe that spans my whole living room, nor Google’s search engine, and not the latest Alienware box. It’s Twitter. Social Computing Defined At Forrester, we define Social Computing as: “A social structure in which technology puts power in communities, not institutions.” and this is true for social networks –esp small and fast ones like Twitter. What Google can’t do While Google is great for finding information and websites, it’s NOT great for getting opinion, hearing nuance, or telling me relational information. With Twitter, I can ask information about … Continue readingTwitter Is My Social Computer –How it could extend to be yours

Social Networks could have more info about Generation Y than Government

This is entirely speculative post, as I don’t have access to US Government databases, yet the concept worth thinking about. I certainly don’t know the answer, and posed the question to my twitter community with a variety of responses, there wasn’t a clear agreeing side. Government Data The US Government has a wealth of demographic, workplace, educational, and financial information about it’s citizens, I’m sure there are other databases collecting information. Yet when I think about the information being created by ourselves on the social database (myspace, facebook, blogs) only a portion of the above data may be found, but an entirely different set of information can be found. Social Database Our research indicates that a majority of teens in … Continue readingSocial Networks could have more info about Generation Y than Government

Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: March 27, 2008

I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly digest on the Social Networking space, which I cover as an analyst. I’ve created a new category called Digest (view archives). Start with the Web Strategy Summary, then quickly scan the succinct and categorized headlines, read text for my analysis, and click link to dive in for more. You can subscribe to this digest tag only, which filters only these posts tagged digest. Need to make decisions about your web strategy? I’m here to help: subscribe to my blog, sign up for emails (right nav), or follow me on Twitter, (I’ll follow you in return). Web Strategy Summary This week is slow, as my host Dreamhost has been down. Updating this … Continue readingWeekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: March 27, 2008

Silicon Valley Sightings: SF Chronicle

Above, SF Chronicle perches pleasantly at Fifth and Mission in SOMA district (Google Map) One of the real pleasures I’ve had as an analyst (thanks to Tracy in our PR department) is the opportunity to meet many of the journalists and reporters in the tech industry. Yesterday, I had the privilege to meet the tech reporters Verne Kopytoff and Ellen Lee who contributes tothe Tech Chronicles blog of the SF Chronicle that are covering technology and social computing. This landmark building, near the Metreon, SF Shopping center and Moscone was an impressive building to see. Below, you’ll see the stained glass windows paying homage to the Gutenberg printing press, the letters on the ceiling in the main foyer, and the … Continue readingSilicon Valley Sightings: SF Chronicle

Email Consumes Us

We live in a hyper-connected world, yet part of the blowback is the excessive communication that occurs –I fear it will only get worse over time. Today, I spoke to an Executive at medium sized corporation who confessed that she cannot keep up with her email inflow. She receives about 500 emails a day, and told me at the end of the day she sorts by sender. First from her CEO, then by the folks on her team directly reporting to her, and then whatever else she can get to. Despite the many collaboration tools available to all of us, we use email for way too many tools (I’m guilty too) from: Status updates, document management, calendaring, collaboration, social networking, … Continue readingEmail Consumes Us

Are you a Purist or a Corporatist?

Last night, at the Blogger dinner in SF (see pics tagged ‘groundswell’), there were several discussions among the attendees from Josh, Shel, Debbie and others around their ideology and stance when it comes to the impacts of social media to companies. Josh created a scale to help identify where peoples beliefs are, he describes it from his post as: EXTREME PURIST 10 = The groundswell is such a powerful force, the people in it will always prevail. All companies can do is watch and listen. Their employees can participate, but only as independent people. Corporate efforts are doomed to fail. 9 = 8 = 7 = The groundswell is powerful, but companies have a role in it. Groups of people … Continue readingAre you a Purist or a Corporatist?

Case Study: Dissecting the Dell Regeneration Graffiti Facebook Campaign

Situation The market pressure to create technology products that protect or at least damage their impact to the environment continues to grow. Sustainability and green-tech campaigns are coming from nearly every tech company –esp hardware manufactures. Dell is no exception and launches this Regeneration campaign. [Dell Leaned on an Active Artist Community In Facebook to Create, Vote, Self-Regulate what it “Means to be Green” Regeneration Campaign] Goals I’ve not spoken with the Dell marketing team, but it’s pretty obvious this is a campaign helps to help improve Dell products to be more eco-friendly, and of course, spur affinity torwards the brand from green leaning consumers, the ReGeneration site has more details. Strategy Dell Computers, along with Federated Media (A social … Continue readingCase Study: Dissecting the Dell Regeneration Graffiti Facebook Campaign