Forrester to hire a Community Manager, will you apply?

Something that I didn’t disclose in public, that my research on Community Managers (that I published yesterday) serves two purposes, Forrester is seeking a Community Manager at our Cambridge Mass HQ. I contributed the basics to this job description, which as modified by the hiring manager, our fabulous Web Strategist Michelle F. I know there’s a lot of community folks reading this blog, so I’m really hoping that you’ll come and submit your resume directly to me. I’m not the final decision maker on this role, but I’m going to do my best to find someone from the community I support, so come work us! Send me your resume You can submit your resume directly to me by emailing me … Continue readingForrester to hire a Community Manager, will you apply?

Social Media Discussions at the Online Community Roundtable

We shouldn’t be surprised that Social Media Strategists know how to share. Forrester was pleased to host the Online Community Roundtable, you can continue the discussion in the Facebook Group. (Update: I uploaded this video with the Flip Camera, man it’s easy capture, edit and publish with this thing) Bill Johnston is a community servant (Update: he posts his thoughts from his blog), and I mean that in the best possible way. He organizes events for the Social Media industry that serve those who are practicing, it’s really a very valuable service. Every other month, he organizes the Online Community Roundtable for anyone who’s struggling with the day to day job of reaching to customers using online tools, a different … Continue readingSocial Media Discussions at the Online Community Roundtable

Guest Post: Lenovo’s Web Strategist David Churbuck “Corporate Blogging 201 – The Risks of NQA Blog Service”

Yesterday, David Churbuck dinged me for writing for novices, and also suggested I wasn’t near the trenches. I could have fired back, but that would have been foolish, looking at his profile, I realized he knew what he was talking about. Instead, I left a comment on his blog, and offered for him to set the bar higher by being a guest poster. He accepted. David is digging in at Lenovo where he’s managing the web strategy, and is fighting the good fight day to day. He took my offer, and submitted via email I think he’s certainly set the bar higher for me. Here’s what David submitted to me, (including a thoughtful email apology) the following relevant post is … Continue readingGuest Post: Lenovo’s Web Strategist David Churbuck “Corporate Blogging 201 – The Risks of NQA Blog Service”

Forrester Report: How to Staff for Social Computing; The Social Computing Strategist & the Community Manager

I’m talking to more and more clients who are starting to budget for social media programs, this also includes hiring the right kind of people. As you know, I hail from Hitachi Data Systems (2003-2006) as the Online Community Manager, I know the role, and what it means to connect with customers using social media tools. While I don’t officially hold that title now, I have the rare pleasure to actually do some research on the role and what it means to customers and business. Methodology In the last few months, I’ve interviewed nearly a dozen community managers at many companies, and compiled 16 specific job descriptions to create these 4 Tenets of Community Managers. We also had many internal … Continue readingForrester Report: How to Staff for Social Computing; The Social Computing Strategist & the Community Manager

My Facebook Profile is a “Junkyard”

Image: View a screenshot from my Facebook profile At one time, I added many apps to experiment, but I’ll have to admit, very few I use on a regular basis. I often discuss in my presentations that our research indicates that many folks use social networks to check out others profiles. Apparently, I need to do some housecleaning as, my kid sister wrote this on my Facebook Wall this morning: “hello big brother!! your facebook profile is a JUNKYARD!”. She’s also the little darling who told me that “I only use email to get a hold of old people like you“. Sigh, kids. As my former boss Kevin Eves used to tell me, “so it goes”.

The Many Challenges of Widgets

Before you invest time and money in a widget strategy, you better know the challenges. This applies to VCs, Web Strategists, Developers, and even Social network companies An Objective View In this blog, I strive to provide a balanced viewpoint of both the benefits and challenges of a web strategy, it’s easy for us to become over-hyped and then fall right into the pit of over exuberance. (See other posts tagged Challenge) I’m moderating quite a few panels with widget developers (last week at Stanford, next week at Graphing Social, and in a few weeks at Ad:Tech) so I’ll be using many of these challenges to hold the vendors to their claims. First, a few parameters: Update: This list of … Continue readingThe Many Challenges of Widgets

Sophistication May Vary (Am I boring you?)

I’m pretty confident that there is a wide range of social media sophistication of the Web Strategy Blog readers. I get questions that are very novice, but those that are very advanced tell me they’re still learning something once in a while. The same is true on my interactions with clients, there’s a small group of the very sophisticated, but most are trying to answer the ‘how do we do it’. Very few are in the ‘what is it stage’ when it comes to social media. David Churbuck from Lenovo is in the sophisticated camp and moans that I’m writing posts for the novice community “let’s step up the analysis and look at the hard questions, not the thumbsuckers”. He’s … Continue readingSophistication May Vary (Am I boring you?)

The Tenacity of Jake McKee: A Social Media Case Study at Lego

How could one person create 20% of work for the legal department? Watch or Listen this video to find out. The Conversation Group recently hosted an event celebrating 10 years of the Cluetrain Manifesto. What’s interesting is that only in the last couple of years has the train really started to build up stream. Jake McKee former social media practitioner at Lego tells his story on how he challenged and changed the culture within the organization to build relationships with customers, share proprietary information, and how customers were in line with employees. This video is easy to consume, just put it on play, and listen in while you do your work.

Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: Feb 27, 2008

I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly summary, read the summary, then quickly scan headlines, read the bullet, then click to learn even more. I’ve created a category called Digest (you can see archives) where you can start to track and access these going forward. Quickly scan the succinct and categorized headlines, read summary for analysis, and click link to dive in for more. You can subscribe to this digest tag only, which filters only these posts tagged digest. Need to make decisions about your web strategy? I’m here to help: subscribe to my blog, sign up for emails (right nav), follow me on Twitter, I’ll add you back. Web Strategy Summary I was pleased to see that … Continue readingWeekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: Feb 27, 2008