Predictions on the Social Graph for 2008: Charlene Li and Jeremiah

Listen in to the audio podcast by pressing the play button using the Forrester player above. Folks have asked for me to be transparent in our research, so I’m pulling you all in behind the scenes as Charlene Li and I discuss the topics we research on.

Charlene Li, Josh Bernoff, Peter Kim, and myself collaborated on Top Social Computing Predictions For 2008. While many folks have already published their predictions in Dec, now’s a good time for us to share after the noise has settled down.

While we each gave specific predictions for the year, Charlene and I focused in on the aggregation or portability of the Social Graph. Not famliar with what the social graph is? Then please read Explaining what the “Social Graph” is to your Executives.

Thanks to Sim at Utterz for creating this customized player for Forrester, it was easy to use, we just needed a quiet room and a phone.