A survey for the Web Strategist Blog

As a good example, I should take a dose of my own medicine.

One of the things I preach about is the objective of ’embracing’, which in essence is about companies and customers working together to design, create, and market new products and services. Lego, Microsoft, and certainly Dell are case studies of success.

I want to apply that same strategy to this blog (which I feel is as much yours as it is mine) to improve. About a month ago, I asked for some feedback in a blog post (it was a very scary thing to do), and got a flurry of responses, I read each one several times, and internalized many. Sadly, it was hard to find specific trends as some members wouldn’t echo what was already written, or would mention something different than others –it was hard for me to weigh.

I’m contemplating doing a formal survey for this blog, to get your input in a more organized fashion than raw blog comments. I want to understand who my readers are, and how I can do better.

So, Do you think this is a good idea? And what would you want to know from your other Web Strategy readers?

And by the way, you too as web strategists should elicit feedback both in real time as well as periodic surveys to your users, members, customers, and prospects. I know it’s often scary, as you’re afraid of what they will say, but in reality, it’s opportunity to be better, and learn how to improve.