Fixing the Feed

Please click on this post if you see summaries only.

I believe in giving full feeds in my blog posts as I want to make it as easy for you to consume content.

I’ve received about a half a dozen messages that my feed has been acting screwy lately, and you know how I want to continue to share and help my readers. Some are reporting that they are seeing a partial feed or summary. My buddy Matt Dunlap found there was a small piece of code in one my my posts that was the culprit which I’ve since removed. (and no, I’m not using the ‘more’ tag)

I changed one of the feedburner settings and some readers are seeing some of my posts show up as new, even though they’ve already read them.

Now, things appears somewhat back to normal, as I asked my Twitter network if they see a partial or full feed, and it was a mixed result. I’m not going to touch it for a while (as I have wordpress set to full) so I’m wondering if some of the feedreaders need to propagate the changes, or some other black magic.

Someone from China messaged me and said that Feedburner is not supported in China, so they have to subscribe to my default wordpress feed, that clearly shows that Feedburner can’t keep track of all the subscribers.

So, for now, if you’re seeing a partial feed, that was unintentional, and Ill soon have it corrected. So please come directly to these posts if you’re having an issue. I’ll update this post until everything is resolved and full feeds will be seen by all.

Hang with me while this gets resolved, in the meantime you could try resubscribing and deleting the old partial feed.