Web Strategy Reading: Dec 4th, 2007

Recommended Reading

  • First and foremost, be sure to read Shel’s ongoing findings from a research assignment he’s been doing with SAP. If you’re in the social media space, be sure to spend time on these posts.
  • James outlines the future of Analysts, how listening in addition to talking are skills needed.
  • The many forms of Conversational Marketing, from Prospero folks
  • How to integrate Social Media into your Live Events.
  • About the Google Intranet MOMA
  • Personal Checklist, a way to stay focused in life
  • Immediacy or being in the conversation? Two perspectives on now vs later.
  • Shiv Singh’s blog is very high signal to noise, if you like my blog, you’ll also love his.
  • How online reviews can raise price of products, and influence buying
  • Scoble interviews Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the web
  • The semantic web, a powerpoint