Forum Videos are now up –see Video Archives

Charlene just posted that the videos captured from the Forrester Consumer forum in Chicago last month are live and well (actually, they’ve been published for a while). I recommend you check out the video highlights, which include segments from.

In a previous post, I outlined some of nuggets, such as:

Richard Edelman was insightful from the top of the mountain, Christie Hefner delivered powerful examples of virtual worlds and social networks, Christina Norman of MTV pushed energy into her polished presentation. The Zefrank, Jeremy Allaire, and Pud panel is the most entertaining, but if you’re thinking of implementing a social media strategy, listen to Charlene’s presentation followed by Josh. I live blogged the event, see my day 1 coverage, and day 2.

And I’m throwing a touchdown pass to Andrew, the videos do work in Firefox, I’m watching Christie Hefner of Playboy right now! (update: Andrew is actually referring to the slides, and Charlene has responded on his blog, thanks Andrew for looking out)