List of Resources, Profiles, Indexes, Blogs, Companies and Information for the Analyst Industry

Having recently been hired as a Forrester analyst, I’m exploring the industry, in order to do my job more effective. At my previous role at Hitachi as the community manager, I learned that creating indexes are particular helpful for me, and also for clients.

The following is a list of resources, profiles, indexes, and information for the analyst industry.

Who is this for? Anyone who is an analyst, or uses analyst services or information. You’ll need the right information to do your job, and this is to serve as a starting point.

List of Resources, Profiles, Indexes, Blogs, and Information for the Analyst Industry

Analyst Firms
Rather than listing out the hundreds/thousands of firms, I’ll link to indexes.

Tekrati’s Analyst Firms
A very comprehensive database, it lists hundreds (if not thousands) of analyst firms

Resources for the Analyst Relations Professional

Tekrati: “monitor, profile and report on over 500 industry analyst firms worldwide each weekday at Tekrati’s Industry Analyst Reporter website. We provide fast, easy access to over 3,400 analyst biographies and contacts through Tekrati’s Analyst Profiles online directory.” They also offer a product called Analyst Profiles that “Tekrati’s Analyst Profiles presents biographies, contact information, contact tips and company descriptions only about the industry analysts.”

AR Insights
Analyst Relations proffessionals can use AR Insights as it: “was designed by and built for AR professionals, successful AR programs are choosing ARchitect™ not only for the powerful database but to manage and streamline the day-to-day activities of their AR departments.”

AR Intranet
Another resource for Analyst Relations pros: “The AR Intranet contains productivity tools and information for industry analyst relations professionals, leveraging insight from Lighthouse Analyst Relations and Analyst Equity.”

Analyst Strategy Group
AR services include: “Analyst Strategy Group provides key direction and support for leading Analyst Relations programs as they migrate from operationally focused AR to generating strategic, measurable value”

Hill & Knowlton: Analyst Influence / AR Capabilities

Services include: “H&K AR is a dedicated global practice with full-time AR professionals on-staff who focus exclusively on analyst relations”

Knowledge Capital Group (KPC)
Multiple services which include: “The Knowledge Capital Group (KCG) is the leading Analyst Relations Strategy Development Consultancy for the Technology Industry”

Lighthouse: Analyst Relations
“Selling complex technology to complex organisations is a recipe for a lengthy, expensive sales process. What if you could be introduced into more sales opportunities, shorten the sales process and stand a higher chance of success at the end of it – all with one programme? This is the potential of a successful industry analyst relations programme and little wonder that many technology vendors are bringing new resources to bear in this important area. ”

Sage Circle
“SageCircle is a firm that does “analysis of the analysts” and provides best practices for a variety of communities that interact with the analysts including”

Social Media
Rather than list out the thousands of industry analyst blogs, I’m going to link to current indexes. Resources listed alphabetically.

Forrester Blogs
Blogs under the Forrester URL domain

List of Analysts on Twitter
Great list compiled by Sage Circle

Gartner Blogs
“Gartner Blogs are frequently updated journals including opinions, news, ideas, commentary and Internet links. Gartner Blogs should not be considered Gartner research.”

Jupiter Research Blogs
Great overview page aggregates many blogs, RSS options available. Impressive.

Jupiter Research Podcasts
“We’re podcasting discussions with our analysts to expose our thinking to a wider audience. We hope you find these conversations interesting.”

Net Savvy Executive: List of Blogs that Analyze Social Media
“Here’s a little information overload for you. Links to blogs associated with social media analysis companies. Most are linked to companies in the the Guide to Social Media Analysis. Some are more work-oriented than others, but there are some good sources in here.”

Redmonk’s Blogs
James, who is very active in the social sphere, tweeted me, suggesting that their website aggregates all three blogs, certainly meets the criteria.

Tecnobabble’s Top 100 Analyst Blogs
“This league table is a global ranking of the top 100 analyst blogs.”

Tekrati’s comprehensive database of Analyst Blogs
Really an amazing industry resource.

Analyst Briefing Tips
Many companies brief analysts on their products, as they influence media, and sometimes act like media now that they have social media tools, here’s some advice:

How to brief an Analyst
Charlene, from her perspective, lists out how a company can maximize their time when briefing an Analyst.

Related Resources
Websites that helped compile this information (and are a great read) include:

  • Carter Lusher (Formerly HP’s AR relations): Who are you?
  • Tips from analysts about how to interact with them more effectively
  • ARmadgeddon: Great blogroll with many resources
  • In praise of open source Analysts

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