How does Google’s Analytics Evangelist measure his blog?

I was sitting next to Avinash Kaushik, one of the top web analytics bloggers out there, he works for Google and evangelizes Google Analytics (which I use) and analytics at large. I was one of the folks that prodded him into blogging, and took this example to show him how I was using MicroMedia (Twitter and Utterz to start with). Since I missed his speaking session, I asked him to summarize his presentation. A while ago, I interviewed Avinash on the Web Strategy Show, I think it was one of the most viewed shows (second to Michael Dell).

If you’re passionate about Web Analytics, former Jupiter Analyst and current Web Analytics pro Eric Peterson is running a survey on web analytics, take the time to help him out, he often releases his data at his keynote presentations and his blog.

During the Mark Cuban keynote, I used Twitter to give real time alerts to my followers with just the high-level nuggets that Mark was saying, if you couldn’t afford to be there (Vegas can be expensive) this was a good way to hear the highlights. You can read many of the highlights still on my Twitter feed (it’s in reverse chron order).

So how do you measure the success of your blog? What attributes do you use to define that you’re blogging is time and resources well spent? Even if you don’t blog to make money, you still need to be mulling this over. I blog for thought leadership, which results in all kinds of great real world opportunities and gives me certain attributes to measure.