Seeking Formal Online Community Manager Job Descriptions

Update: I’ve reviewed many of these and boiled down the role to Four Tenets.

I’m doing some research and putting together some specs to make a job description for the Community Manager role (A role I had formally) but want to get some insight to what others are using. I have written on the topic, but also want to get feedback from the community.

If you’ve created such a role, written one, or know of an existing job description, please send it to me. My email is on my contact page. I’ll credit you for your contributions, and if this becomes published research, you’ll also be credited there as well.

If you feel like posting the job description in the comments to share with others, that’s fine too.

A while back I created the Community Manager Facebook group, I dropped a note in there as well. Lastly, I’m hunting online using SimplyHired, and found a few relevant job descriptions in the comments below.