Testing Facebook Pages and $20 worth of SocialAds

It’s about 3am and I got up to test the Facebook SocialAd and Facebook Pages system.

Status of Test
I’ll update this section as I have changes

  • Nov 7: Created a Web Strategy Facebook page, ran $20 SocialAd requesting people write on my wall.
  • Nov 8: Social Ads are working. A few people have arrived to the Facebook page from Social Ads, at least 4 people have voiced that from the wall writings. The stats on insight are still not populated (it says it takes 48 hours), 99 Fans now.
  • Nov 9: The insight dashboard is not displaying any data, although there are a few people who left wall comments that they’ve come from newsfeed (socialads).
  • Nov 11: The insight dashboard is still not displaying click through rates (CTR) of the social ads, so I can’t give any formal metrics away. I do think that it’s likely under 5%. There were a handful of folks that came to the site from social ads, but certainly not the majority, which came from blogs, twitter, and other incoming links (Scoble).

    Creating a Facebook Page easy, segmentation detailed
    I created a Facebook Page for the “Web Strategy by Jeremiah” brand and was pleased to see there were filters for people (they call them celebrities) and I was able to filter to “Writers”. Analysts are professional writers, and part of why I was hired is because of this blog, so I’m qualified.

    Adding details to give color
    Creating the page was easy, much like creating a profile, I added a few basic blurbs about the brand, where it’s located, and interests. I uploaded the graphic banner. I tweeted the experience, and within minutes had a few fans. I tested the ‘message all’ product to the three people in the group. I also added an event, promoting the Barcelona Blogger Dinner I’m co-hosting next week. Finally I added a discussion board and asked “How can the Web Strategy Blog improve” (feel free to give honest feedback, even if critical). Of course, I added my masthead photo, which also embodies the brand, and my ugly mug as a profile picture.

    $20 test of SocialAd: Highly targeted
    I learned this from Charlene Li, who recently tested Facebook flyers. I aimed for and the text reads “Web Strategy Blog Readers This is really a test of the F Pages and Fan systems” and has my picture on it. The ad systems would not let me have the word “Facebook” in it, interesting.

    The targeting system is very targeted, here’s what I selected:

    Targeting: You are targeting people between 18 and 65 years old in the United States who like blogging, marketing, or web design.
    Social Actions

    This ad will display with social actions from: (This is the part everyone is concerned with)
    * Web Strategy by Jeremiah

    This ad will display in the:
    * News Feed
    * Ad Space

    In the ad, I requested people to write on my wall, I wanted to be more specific, but there’s not a lot of real estate.

    Insight Dashboard
    Although there’s no data yet, the dashboard has some pretty sophisticated tracking and graphing tools, I’m sure others will post some screenshots, so I’m not going to worry about it now.

    Community Responses: Approvals and Rejections
    So far, a few people have become Fan-Sumers, there’s about 8 fans of just an hour of deployment. Many of them saw it from my Tweets, and most I already know.

    Warning: Corporate Facebook Pages
    I also created a Facebook page for Forrester, but did not publish it yet. Why? Because a corporation should have a strategy before using tools, and I haven’t developed one for this specific tool. Please, before you rush in and create a Facebook page for your company, consider the overall strategy, and use the POST methodology that we prescribe: People, Objectives, Strategy, and then finally Technology.

    Analysis: Will update in Real Time
    I’ll update this post as the test continues to run, and then will eventually do some analysis, pow-wow with Charlene and then explain HOW TO use these tools most effectively.

    Nov 07: So far, the process went smoothly, and since it’s self-service many people can get in on the game.
    Nov 08: Overall, I’m starting to see how this could help companies, still in ‘analysis mode’

    ok, now back to bed