More color on the Facebook announcement

Today has been a real whirlwind, I was up pretty late (and got up early) to finish off the analysis and make a few changes based on the feedback from Charlene and Shar (both very insigtful) Today was spent talking to media and press nearly all day, one of which was Robert Scoble (I call him a media personality brand), he came by and we did a 20 minute discussion here at Forrester. His brother has a MySpace page for his bar, which we used as a use case example, if you’re a web designer or UX designer, I highly advise you not to click, you may explode. I did a 2 minute video interview of him, I’ll post it when I get a chance.

I really embrace the other views out there, but I think I made Ian throw up. What will settle his stomach? Francine Hardaway wholeheartedly disagrees with my assessment that SocialAds could work, she can’t think of any brands that she could have a fandom over. I left a comment on her blog indicated that she’s already a fan of Social Media Club (See her left nav). Since we’re friends, and I like the SMC too, this model can work. (Update: Steve Mann of SAP (Client) agrees with me, why? “At SAP, we’ve done quite a bit of work on attitudinal segmentation”)

GigaOm brings up the old privacy issue, (a topic constantly talked about with social network) yet we forget that we are the ones that populate the profiles and information on these free to use websites. Before we throw a rock out the window, we should first look in the mirror.

For other color, check out Techmeme, thanks to all your incoming links and comments, the web strategy blog has become a node. There’s a lot of folks reporting the news, but very who sort out what really matters, give meaningful opinions and can back them up with reason or data.

Oh, and less I forget, Happy Birthday Shel Israel.

Update: Below I turned the camera on Robert to get his perspective, he had some time to simmer on the news, read a few other perspectives and give it some thought.

If you don’t know Robert, he’s a ‘pathfinder’, I follow him to find out which tools are hot, I knew him before we worked together at PodTech. The key thing is to watch which technologies he throws away. The tools he keeps are often the ones that as the dominant leaders in their particular industry. Then I do my analysis and tell practitioners how to use them. Robert and I act like two filters, it’s an interesting dynamic.

Find out why he’s bullish on both ad systems.