How should you allocate your web strategy budget for 2008?

Update: What better way to kickstart the conversation by using my real voice? Listen in.

It’s planning time, and many of you have submitted your strategies, budgets and resource requests to management, how do I know? Because I get tons of emails, facebook messages, and formal emails at work requesting advice and guidance.

Recently, I posted a question to Ian, who’s the CEO of an internet marketing firm in Seattle:

[What’s the best way to balance a diverse web marketing budget? How should I allocate my funds? How do I prioritize, there are so many tools to consider!]

In his response, He’s broken it down by type of company . Ian lays it down, while some may find it dangerous to suggest how to invest before discussing the business strategy and needs, this is a good starting point for a conversation.

I realize the sensitivity in posting specific numbers on a public blog, so I’d love to hear your process in budgeting (or a best practice). Do you work at an agency? How do you encourage clients to spend with you? On the client side? What are some ways your prioritize?

Update: Mukund (A VP of Marketing) has listed out his budget allocation, wow thanks for the transparency! Interesting that 15% of his resources are to reach people like me in my day job yet 2% is spent on reaching me as a blogger (Social media), so does that mean I would get 17%? I also attend events (industry and social) so there’s other allocations that may cross over to me.