Web Strategy Reading: Oct 28th, 2007

What I’ve been reading and think you should too:

  • Jason did some searching on the top Measurement firms and discovered that the Web Strategy Blog was on the top search results for the term Social media measurement. Thanks Jason for the wonderful feedback, but keep in mind there are folks that are smarter on the topic than me, the sad think about Google is that it prioritizes the content that is most popular, but not the most accurate.
  • Ken Kaplan enjoyed hosting the Social Media Club and is really digging into some of my recent posts and presentations, thanks! (Oh, and most people don’t get the joke of “Jeremiah the web prophet” it’s a play on words and homage to one of the first biblical prophets, my namesake)
  • Curt sends a great white paper from Universal McCann on Social Media, fancy layout, good data.
  • David Armano ran a poll asking if ‘Digital Agencies’ should blog. To me, it’s an obvious answer, read the comments to see a polarized view.
  • Beth Kanter has a great presentation on slideshare on the topic of Social Media Measurement, we had a brief strategy discussion at a meetup in Boston and she integrated part of it in her presentation, I love how our industry works together to collectively grow, great job Beth.
  • I’m listening to Marketing Voices on my iPod, the quality consistently stays high, I recommend you subscribe for your walk (I listened to five this morning). Jennifer is a good friend of mine, and I’m going over to her house this week for dinner. She’s one of the live long friends I’ll be keeping.