Do you respect Media Snackers? Tell me why

(Above video: this 90 second clip from the folks at MediaSnackers summarize the changing landscape)

What’s a mediasnacker? Folks who consume small bits of information, data or entertainment when, where, and how they want. If you want to be part of their lives you’ve got to respect them. I’d argue that the folks who created this video emphasized too much that mediasnackers are the youth only, because business folks of any age are busy, get information from multiple sources, and need filters.

Here’s how I respect MediaSnackers

  • I write Digests for my audience, saving them time.
  • I use MicroMedia, such as Twitter
  • My 10-15 min Web Strategy Video show was tight and concise, not long and wandering, see premise
  • I do ‘street’ video shows of web personalities and they average just about 2 minutes, and I don’t let them pitch ’till the end
  • The reports I will write as an Analyst are designed to give decision makers the right information in the most concise medium
  • What I’m not good at
    Keeping my blog posts tight and concise, I need to work on that more, I’m known for excessive writing, and it likely scares people off.
    I also publish too frequently, which is also not respecting your time, as I get busier at work, that will naturally change.

    Scoble does long videos
    (although Rocky often creates summary versions), and Chris Pirillo streams for hours a day, does that work? How does that work in today’s new attention economy? We have more inputs but the same number of hours a day.

    Talk back, how do you respect MediaSnackers?
    What are you doing well, and what do you need to improve on. I’m tagging Francine Hardaway, Chris Brogan, Shel Israel, Connie Benson, and Bill Claxton to respond.