Oracle reaches for the Web Community at Lunch 2.0

Lunch 2.0 at Oracle
(Above: Over 200 folks showed up, dine, and talk enterprise 2.0)

Lunch 2.0 at Oracle was a great example of how a very large company is reaching out to the fast and rapidly changing market. Marius and Justin did a great job hosting and kicking off the event. Over 200 people showed up, were fed, and were exposed to a few Oracle demos. There were a lot of influential individuals there, Scoble, Dave McClure, Joseph Smarr, and even the Americas country director of Singapore (A country with deep roots in IT and technology).

Apparently there’s been a lot of internal groundswelling within the company to embrace the new web and what it means as the power has shifted, and my somewhat prodding post was just a minor bump (I take back what I said btw).

The Oracle folks mentioned to me they want to do similar events in the future, so what’s going to help them take it to the next level? Involve the community in the interaction and demos, one example is how an old enterprise data storage company let 10 web companies demo their own software.

Robert and I had a private tour of the intranet, which is using quite a few social technolgoies to connect employees. There were three other demos of enterprise software platforms that are starting to adopt social features, I always appreciate when the value of how people connect is highlighted over raw technology deployment. After all, software is about people!

Great job to the Enterprise Oracle team moving forward, I know from first hand experience how much work it is to move a big ol’ aircraft carrier.

Off to a few meetings then to speak at Intel tonight about Enterprise Social Media!

Update: here’s the video with Justin, one of the hosts

Update: Lisa went to the event, and gives her honest opinion of the event, she’s been to many community event. Always count on the blogosphere to keep opinions and feedback real, this is new marketing, the new product development process and how communication will be going forward: open, honest, and fast. Feedback is just the first step, how companies and brands react (like Dell did, slowly) to the market and change is what counts, (now they are leading the conversation in their market). Jake recaps the event from the Oracle Apps blog.

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Update: I used to get my photos up within an hour after an event, my new job is keeping me busy, sorry for the delay