Bloggers: Stop wasting Techmeme Real Estate

The majority of bloggers, when they find out they are listed on Techmeme, are over joyed and flex their authority by linking to every top story for the first few months. I should know, I was once that blogger.

Here are the basic three strategies bloggers do to play the game on Techmeme:

1) When I look at the expanded view of Techmeme, all I see is a regurgitation of the same bloggers repeating the same titles, and same information I’ve already read from the top story. Why? attention, and the ability to build up a referencable database of posts increasing search engine juice and potential views for advertising.

2) Other bloggers play the “net” game, they round up all the thoughts and opinions of other bloggers and lay it out on a single post. Other than collecting the information (which Techmeme does by default) they add very little value or opinion.

3) Break news or add interesting opinion, analysis, or entertain. I’m not talking about you.

I wonder when we can all consciously start trying to contribute original content to Techmeme, and stop wasting the real estate. I’m getting close to closing the “Show Discussion Excerpts” option on Techmeme, how about you?